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Going to Nashville this weekend!

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This is a little late but I didn't think of it until this morning...I am driving down to Nashville this Friday through Monday and was wondering if anyone can give me advice as to what fun things we can do, and where to go. You know, where to go for dinner, breakfast, things like that, and also where I might run into Kenny Chesney...:Lol: I'm going for a work trip-veterinary conference, but at night and almost all of Sunday, I should be able to get out and have fun. Any suggestions??? Thanks!!
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My husband's friend lived there. He said they have cool coffe shops. Other than that I don't know...but have fun!
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I don't know about running into Kenny - he was in Boston yesterday, live in studio on Country 99.5. Anyway, I've been there twice and enjoyed it each time. Do you have tickets to the Opry? The last time I was down there it was a few days after Johnny Cash died, and my mother and I got to see the tribute to him at the Opry.

Grey Lines has different tours of the area, and they pick up at almost all the hotels. There is even a night tour that includes the Wildhorse Saloon and Hard Rock Cafe. Have fun!
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I'd go see Elvis's house if that was me. Woohoo!

Have a good time!!
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Hey, I'm in Clarksville area and that is about an hour north of Nashville.

You should really check out the Opry Mills Mall and go to the IMAX theater and The Aquarium. The Aquarium is a restuant... very lovely.

If you wanted to see something AMAZING go to the hotel across the street, its like a city inside!!!

Of course there is the Grand Ole Opry too.
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Originally Posted by WellingtonCats
I'd go see Elvis's house if that was me. Woohoo!

Have a good time!!
Sorry but Elvis's house is in Memphis.
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Sorry to bust your bubble but Kenny Chesney is going to be in New York City for the next few days-- he has been staying there at nites and traveling during the days to aa bunch of concerts and shows and promos. The country music awards are being hosted in NYC this year next week so from what i heard on Highway 16 channel on XM all day today is Kenny is in NY for the most part.

Have fun in nashville-- We are driving up to Gatlinburg this weekend to the dixie stampede's christmas showing. Looking forward to that and the shopping.
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Great so probably all the celebs will be in NYC....
That's ok, I think we will still have fun. Keep the suggestions coming! That's for the info!
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I would go see the Country Music Hall of Fame. There is a XM radio show that originates from there with a rocking DJ named Webb Wilder. I hear it is a really good way to spend an afternoon.
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Originally Posted by menagerie mama
Any suggestions??? Thanks!!
I´m so sorry not suggestions,...
BUT Many, many Good Wishes for a nice trip and so many good wishes so you have to Fun time!

Good luck! ....Bring us a pic´s of your nicely trip!
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Well, I'm leaving tomorrow morning and was hoping to get more ideas, but thanks to all that participated in my post, I will check out those places you mentioned! I will miss the board while I'm gone! I'll probably have TCS withdrawls and coop myself up in my office Monday night when I get home, posting away for hours!
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