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After a couple weeks of trying non-vet fixes for Jack peeing just outside the litterboxes, I finally hauled his trouble-making furry behind to the vet this morning. They kept him there for the afternoon, doing tests and such, and found he does NOT have a UTI.

Unfortunatly, this means it's a behavioral issue. Such an expensive little bundle of trouble. So, I'll be off to Petsmart in the morning for Feliway and CatAttract.

I mentioned he's *reasonably* healthy because, although he doesn't have a UTI, he does still have some inflamed gums. This poor little guy has had two massive dental surgeries, less than a year apart, and has no teeth behind his fangs. He's only 3. So, I have a prescription for Triamcinolone, which should hopefully help the poor guy. He's had plenty of anti-inflammatory meds, but the Doc says it could be a blood thing... my phone was cutting out while he explained it, something about white blood cells and attacking.

So, I'm off to fix my poor little boy... again.

But i'd do it over and over again, if it means there's a chance he'll permanently come out of this. he's such a lovebug. But he's gonna hate me for a while... he hissed at me while walking home. He's never doen that.

Anyway... I'm just glad he doesn't have a UTI.

Oh yeah... he gained 1/3 of a pound. It's not much, but going from 8 to 8.34... it'll be a slow gain... and he may never hit 12 pounds, but as long as he's healthy, I don't care what his weight is.