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Lethargic kitten

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OK first for a little background. My friend is a vet tech and last Friday the principal at her kid's school handed her this kitten who wandered onto the campus and basically said "Here, you're a vet tech, can you take this kitten?" My friend took him into work and ran tests for FeLV and FIV, and they came out negative. She took the kitten home, figuring she'd give it a couple of days to find a home for it before taking it to the pound. Well, they have two big dogs, and I guess they were curious about the new thing in the house and cornered the poor little guy. The cat scratched, the dogs reacted and now kitty has a nice owie on his nose/upper lip area.

Anyway, I talked my boyfriend into letting me have the cat, and we got him last night. He's the sweetest thing, always purring, but he seems too calm for a kitten of (I'm guessing) 4-6 months. He eats and drinks, he's urinated once since about 8PM last night that I can tell (no poo yet), I've even seen him clean himself a little (his coat is nice and soft and clean), but he spends just about all of his time up on the bed sleeping. I've tried to get him to play with the strings of my sweatshirt, and he taps at them a bit, but he's not very interested. He's not into exploring, he doesn't seem very curious about his surroundings, which just doesn't seem normal.

He's a bit on the thin side, last night he was a little dehydrated (I pulled his skin up and watched it go down), but today he's not, his eyes are clear, no worms, fleas, or mites, his coat is soft, shiny, and clean, and he meows a bit in response to things (albeit a very soft meow).

I've read up on the kitty diseases and it seems they all list loss of appetite/thirst as a major symptom and this cat eats and drinks. Any ideas? Could he be sick and I'm just missing something? Is he just traumatized by the last few days' events? Or could he just be this laid-back and operate at a lower energy level than most kittens?

Any help or insight would be greatly appreciated as I am quite worried about the little guy.
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I would suggest taking him to the vet for a checkup - Just in case.
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I would take him to the vet ASAP. It's hard to make heads or tails of the signs you have described. It could just be from the cat adjusting to a new situation or it could be the signs of an extremely serious illness. Sometimes it can be impossible to tell the two apart just from looking at the cat. So better safe than sorry. If he's fine then you will have no regrets about having taken him to be checked out anyway, and if he is sick then you will be very glad that you took him to the vet.
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Definitely take him in so they can rule out anything is wrong. If they don't find anything then I would assume he is just a low key kitty.
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Best to have the cat checked out at your vets. How bad is the cut from the dogs? Could that be infected?
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Could be related to sugar levels too. Low blood sugar can cause extreme lethargy and its progressive. Dosen't sound like its that bad but another thing to keep in mind in case it gets worse.
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When I got Marlee from the vet she was like that. Ended up she was severely deydrated when I got her, and even though she was eating/drinking at first, she couldn't catch up. I had to start handgiving her water with a syringe and feeding some supplements with a syringe also. It took her about a month to get her strength up, and now shes a crazy little kitty! Ask the vet about something called Rebound. Its a salmon flavored milk or something, Marlee really liked it and it seemed to help her a lot!
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Thank you so much for the quick responses. The wound on his nose was infected and now he's on antibiotics. He woke up the day after starting them a whole new kitten. Now he's a little holy terror

Absolutely adorable, of course, but a huge stinker the same *lol*
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Glad he is much better!!
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