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Someone brought a little starved white kitten to our work back door today. I brought the box into the office ( which means I will be written up) and started to cry.

The little one was starved, dehydrated and filthy. His eyes were pasted shut and his nose had black stuff all around it and he had pooped all over himself.

I ran him into the ladies room and washed himi off with warm water as much as I could ( someone else was in the restroom and bi*ched about it) and then dried him off with paper towels. I took him back to the office and the backup supervisor said that it had to be put outside.

One of the counselors took the kitten into her office (the backup supervisor said nothing, he doesn't like me) and will take the little one to the vets tonight after work.

I don't know if he will make it. He did try some kitten chow wet with 2% milk ( I know, I know, not good but that was all we had) and some cream cheese. Then he dived into a bowl of water.

I hope he will be OK and I wish I could take him home, but I have 4 insiders and 8 ferals and I am at my limit.

I felt so stupid for crying but I just couldn't stop. Anyone that would let an animal get to that point needs to be put in jail.

If it is ok with you all, I will try to keep you informed.
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Okay to vent here and it is NEVER stupid to cry over something we care about!!

It sounds like you did the best you could under the circumstances and a big plus to the counselor that will take the kitten to the vet. tonight.

Say a prayer for the little guy (I will too) and thank-you for trying to save a life
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I would have done the same thing. Once I lived in a trailer, and there were tornadoes all around, so I put my cats in a carrier and took them to work. My boss thought I was nuts, but she put up with them. No way could I concentrate on work while I was worried whether the cats were safe.
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Annette is not in yet, so I don't know how little Scruffy is doing, but I am going to get written up and probably fired because of the kitten. Oh well, I hate this place anyway.
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Good Job and trying to save the kitten. They would actually fire you over having a little kitten in a box for a few hours? I don't understand people. What harm could the kitten be doing? Thats horrible that you might lose your job over this. It was the human thing to do. I applaud you. let us know how the kitten makes out. And sending good vibes that you don't lose your job.
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It would take a truly rotten excuse for a human being to fire you for rescuing a kitten. I hope you find a job where the people are more compasionate if you do get fired. I hope the little guy is doing better.
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He's alive!!! He's alive and ok!!!!! The vet said that he has an upper respiratory infection and that he was starved and dehydrated, but he is alive and will make it. Annette will probably be taking him home in a couple of days once the antibiotic kicks in.

I am almost ready to cry again, but this time, with joy.

Annette renamed him Lucky and if anyone ever deserved that name, he does. He is also part Siamese.
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If you are fired, can you at least write a letter to the editor of your local paper, so people know. Then they will lose some business. And if you are not fired, you could send a letter, with a copy to the biggest boss there, about how good your company is at maintaining a business-like atmosphere but still having a heart for community needs.
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That is wonderful news! My three white cats were all rescued off the street as starved and sick kittens when I got them, but all are now fine. White cats look somehow delicate and extra appealing. Good luck to Lucky from my guys.
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I really appreciate all the support from the members of this Site, I sure didn't get it from anywhere else. I heard people laughing about "what an ass I made of myself yesterday, crying over a stupid cat", but something about that little body ripped my heart apart. I know he will have a good home, and deep down inside, my heart is now singing. If I had to "make an ass of myself" at least a life was saved.
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Heck with whatever moron says you made an ass of yourself. You proved yourself to be an unashamedly compassionate humam being. I am glad to hear little Lucky is alive and doing well.
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People who have compassion for kittens are probably more highly evolved than those who make fun of them. Glad the little one is going to be OK.
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Good to hear he is going to be OK!
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A few years ago, a huge white Great Pyrenees showed up at the back door of my office, covered in mud and brambles. Everyone who saw him was eager to help -- someone brought a plastic pie-carrier-lid full of water, someone else microwaved a frozen steak dinner for him, and several of us got blankets from our cars to make him a bed.

When our boss arrived and saw about a dozen of us out there keeping the dog company, we weren't sure what would happen...

But he came over and scritched the dog's chin and said, "Hey, big guy, are you looking for a home?" :-)

In the end, we walked the dog down a few blocks to a kennel, where they were kind enough to give him a bath and a good brushing. Then they put him on the local lost-pet website, and by that evening, his frantic family was there to take him home. (It turned out their fence had blown down in a windstorm the night before.)

So... if your boss gives you any trouble about it, print out this thread and show it to him. If he has any soul at all, he'll be ashamed of himself.

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Annette brought in a picture of Lucky....he is just beautiful. He is part Siamese, got the blue eyes and he has light tan ears and a couple of tan stripes on his tail.

The picture was taken on a nice soft warm bed. Quite a change from the ratty, sick, scrawney, starved, dehydrated, filthy thing he looked like when we first met him.

Bless Annette for her love and caring, and that little one has a wonderful full life ahead of him.
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Bless Annette for her love and caring, and that little one has a wonderful full life ahead of him. [/quote]

And Bless you for caring enough for Lucky to give him a second chance, no matter what the consequences were
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