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thank you

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Thanks everyone for the advice and showing me that ther are people out there who know how I feel and that they care! It was really hard to put them to sleep, but the vet said that was for the best. They were both infected with F.I.V. and getting very sick.
The worst part of all is how lonely the 3rd cat is. He has no clue where his "fur friends" are. He is looking for him every where. We tessted him for the virus and that turned up negative, but we still have to test him again to make sure. If you guys don't mind I was wondering how I can make the cat less lonely. If you have any ideas I really would appreciate them.
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Allie - we are glad that you found this site too. It is a wonderful place to learn as well as share our grief and happy times. I would spend as much time as possible loving on your lonely little fur ball. There is always the option of another kitty after your house gets a clean bill of health. There is never any replacing our lost loved ones, but there are so many that can use a good home!
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Hi, Allie. I'm so sorry about your cats. It's so sad. We all have to face the awful chore of saying "goodbye." My mother refused to have any more cats when I was about 10 years old because she couldn't stand to lose another one. Boy, did she baby my cats! When I got married, one of the conditions was that he had to love animals!
As far as your cat is concerned, maybe a new toy, a really special one, will help. (I'm always tempted by those tunnels that make crinkly and crunchy sounds. I have seen them in the pet store windows, but they're a bit expensive.) Of course, the more attention he gets from the family, the better, so dangling some yarn or pulling an empty spoon across the floor might be better yet. Also, my cats love to crawl inside a large paper bag and attack anything that touches it. I'm sure you'll wait until your vet says it's all right to have another, and then the happy day will come when you can go to the shelter and pick a kitten! By the way, welcome to the site. Everyone here is so helpful. Jeanie
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When we had to put our cat, Midnight, to sleep last August Snowball needed a lot of extra cuddling and reasurrance {which we gave him), and seemed to be truly grieving for the loss of his little friend. Snowball has since adjusted to being alone and your kitty will too, if you find out that this is necessary, but it will take some time.

It's so sad when we have to lose our little cats, my thoughts are with you.

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I'm so sorry about your kitties. Maybe you could try getting you other kitty somthing special,like a new toy or scratching post, to make him feel less lonley. I have only lost one cat in my entire life, and i know how hard it is. Your 2 kitties are in a better place now, there in kitty heaven. It is better to have them put down than have them suffer. Maybe you could try adopting a new friend for your kitty! Sorry again about your Kitties
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