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Greasy coat!

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Hello all!

I have 2 cats at the moment - one my own, a male cat, and another a stray momma cat who I have taken in to have her kittens.

My male cats coat is soo soft and dry and glossy, whereas the females coat is quite dirty and greasy. I've given her a number of rubdowns with a damp cloth, and it has improved a little, but its still quite greasy to the feel.

The reason I put this in Health and nutrition is because I feel this is probably because of the different food they eat, shes been eating Nutro Kitten Complete dry, and felix wet and Hilife (better quality than Felix) wet. My male cat eats Adult Nutro Dry mostly..

Should I cut right back on the wet food, and get her used to eating mainly dry food? And also, can anyone recommend any cat fur cleaning products to try?
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I recently adopted a cat with a greasy coat...prior to her adoption, she had been eating Science Diet. After a month or two on her new food (Wellness & Eagle Pack) her coat is glossy & soft like those of my other kitties, so it seems likely that your new girls coat could be the result of her food. I'd keep her on kitten food though...that's what vets recommend for a pregnant or nursing queen. Also, recent research is showing that canned food is actually better for cats than dry food...here's a link to an article that will explain this better than I could: http://www.littlebigcat.com/index.ph...needcannedfood

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What you can do in the meantime is brush her as much as you can, also high quality food should make a big difference (but this will take time). Also in the pet stores you can find a shampoo in poweder form that you sprinkle on the coat and brush out - it absorbes the grease and dirt - works quite well.

Good luck
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I have a red mac tabby persian that gets really greasy spots on his coat. I rub him down with "Goop" handcleaner and then rinse, wash with Dawn dishsoap, rinse, wash with cat shampoo, rinse with water and vinegar mixed together. His coat stays grease free and nice for a couple months. It sounds like a lot but really it only takes about 15 minutes to do all that. Mine gets greasy on his chest and belly, and the back of his legs.
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My male cat suffered terribly with a greasy coat, it was that bad it matted so quickly I was taking mats out on a daily basis. I swapped him to HiLife wet, James Wellbleved dry, and a supplement of Lecithin and Brewers Yeast, and either the diet change or the supplements worked, cos he no longer has a greasy coat, it feels normal for the first time in ages, and even looks a bit shiny - don't think he has ever looked shiny. now I just have to convince him to let me help him with grooming (he is 14 and toothless)!!!
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I just give my cats a bath.
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Originally Posted by coaster
I just give my cats a bath.
Unfortunately it is not always that simple.
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