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Need to bug bomb house

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Ok, we`ve treated the cats for fleas...but have been told that for every flea they have had that there are many eggs just waiting to hatch in the house.
So I need to know what kind of bug bombs will do the job and still be safe for the cats.
We are going to put a litter pan and food/water in one of our cars for the cats to be in while we do this. How long will they have to stay in there before it is safe for them to come back in the house and is there anything I need to do once the poison clears? (I`ll open the windows for awhile after a couple of hours....but do i need to mop or steam clean or what? Or is the poison ineffective after it has done it`s job and the house is aired out
Thanks for any info you can give.
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Linda, I bought my defogger from my vet- and it worked great. it is called EctyKyl IGR it contains Nylar that knocks the heck out of fleas in all stages of development.
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Oh thanks for the info Hissy....I`m going to call them right now and see if I can get some....will it tell me how long we all have to be out of the house, etc???
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You normally have to be out of the house for around 2 hours and then you will have to air out the place for 30 minutes.

Then you get busy vacuuming!!
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are fleas in carpet common for those who own cats?
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Also on that note,

I have to get some more flea medication (revolution etc.) from the vet's, as the cover against fleas ran out a few days ago. I think that the fleas might be resistant to the revolution (I'm in Australia btw), and I know that Frontline was having some resistance problems before (that's why I was given revolution).

What anti-flea (and possible tick, lice etc.) medication should I take a look at seeing the revolution isn't working that well?
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My vet gave me Frontline for our cats....I`m finding a few dead and dying fleas...so i thinkit must be working!
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Try Frontline or Advantage.
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