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Do you know where there is a very cheap vet who will work with me on payments?

Sparky had a cut and some missing fur on his tail the other day. Circulation still seemed good, so since I am short of money, I put peroxide on it and figured I'd keep an eye on it. Today I noticed that there is a second lession and quite a large patch of fur missing now, so I figure it's either a parasite or a skin disease. His mood is good - he is energetic, affectionate, and eating just like always - he isn't sleeping too much or acting grumpy and he doesn't seem warmer than usual. But this is getting worse, it clearly isn't just a cut, and I don't want to spread it to the others.

Problem is, I have about $10 to take care of this and I can't even find a place with an office visit less than $35, plus labs and meds. I ain't got it. Do you know anybody who can work with me?

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Sunlion - I have yet to find a vet who would work payments with me. However, if I were you, I'd call the Humane Society in Fort Worth and explain the situation. They know all the low cost vets and I bet they would know which ones would work with you. Maybe they could even do it themselves. Their phone number is in the phone book, and here is their website http://www.hsnt.net. I've volunteered there before, and all the people are very kind and want the best for the animals. I'm sure they'd be able to help somehow. Good luck!
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