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Your right!!!

Hmmm...I think I need to look at these photos more closely now!!!
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QT is my silly sleeper

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Originally Posted by jane_vernon
Sleeping Kitty and Sleeping Fiance
awwwww - she's so tiny - i'd be worried i might smush her!
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Originally Posted by AshleyNicole
OH MY GOODNESS!! The pic of the teeny tiny baby kit and your fiance is just about the cutest thing I've ever seen! I would so get that framed if I was you!
I agree-that is the cutest thing ever, it just melts my hear to see a man with a little kitten like that
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These are great!!

I'm definitely going to have to upload some pictures of my silly sleepers!! (examples in siggy!)
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Originally Posted by stampit3d
In the 2nd pic Harley looks like he`s wearing a big ole 3 Muskateers hat trimmed with fur! Sooo cute!
Your right!
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Sarah i noticed them in your siggy, and Willow looks sooooo cute
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Here is Reilly's funny sleeping pose!
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Great pictures!
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count this?

Dreaming with Meat rolls I think so!...
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These are all sooooooo cute...we need a cuteness warning placed on this post....
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another of Lily last night.........
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Vanna's favorite pose!!!

Simon doesn't have a silly sleeping pose. I find it funny because its so hard to tell which ends which with all that hair. He sleeps like this 95% of the time.
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Persil is the silly sleeper in our house:

But my favourite of her asleep has to be the one of her in her namesake herb!
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Awwwwwww These are all adorable pictures!

Lily is too funny!
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Awwwwwww you know i look at all these little cherubs and think how could anyone inflict cruelty on them
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Great pictures!

Here is Timmy


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Please excuse the terrible wallpaper!

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This is sleppy Sage. She can get comfy in any postion

Sorry about the big size before.
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This thread would to make me feel envy of those coach and other stuffs!!
aaaaaawwwwww lots and lots of wonderful kittys sleeping!!! ..
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I would go snap a few shots of Popcorn but... well I think she's out frolicking int he mud or something.
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here is one of my cat I used to have named Bobby..who was sadly shot by some horrible person about 3 months ago when he accidentally got outside. Hope knows all about this..I was over on her board talking about it. Anyway, here is his silly sleeping pics..

This one is a little blurry as it was taken with a low quality web cam.
He is sleeping with his chin resting on a roll of toilet paper..

I dont have any silly sleeping pics of Ash, but soon as I can catch some poses I'll take some..
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