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cute cat

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I was at PetsMart this morning and stopped by the adoption center. There was a 5 yr. old orange female named Nikki. She was so cute ...... She was blind & declawed. But, when I said, "Hi, Nikki," it was like she could see me because she looked at me and meowed :flash: She started rubbing against her cage as I petted her...... SUch a precious baby!

If I didn't work such long hours, and if the bengals weren't so wild, I would persuade hubby to let me adopt her. I told him maybe someday we can adopt a 'special needs' cat. Someday, it would make me feel so good! Of course, looking at all of them makes me want to take them home ....... 1 reason why I don't like to go in to PetsMart! Ah, atleast you can give them attention while the sit in their cage ...... makes me happy to just do that
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Sure hope that fur babe finds a new wonderful home soon! It is always heart breaking to see all the animals who need homes. I just need to win that lottery - then they are ALL MINE!!!!!
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If I won the lottery, I would adopt some. Then, I would build an extremely large state-of-the-art facility for the homeless animals -- I would transfer all of the animals from the rabies control, humane societies & "kill" shelters & put them in the new one, which of course, would be a "no-kill!" There would be large runs for all of the animals (fenced in) and doggie & cat doors leading to them! They would be fed top food, have tons of toys, and all that good stuff for them! And, for the people who work there, they would be screened & interviewed thoroughly...... only animals lovers would apply!
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Sounds good to me! Let's win!!!!!
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Your chances of winning the lottery are not promising...But with such a good idea may you will get lucky.

In the meantime, why don't we contact pet food companies and ask them to print pictures of abused animals on their labels and ask for support for no kill shelters?
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One of the best things about living in my city is that the "pound" here actually is no-kill, mostly. I found out they only put down really sick animals that cannot be treated or extremely aggressive ones. And pounds in neighboring cities try to send out-of-time animals to our pound instead of killing them.
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