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Long Island Cat Needs HELP!!!

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Hello Everyone,
I am writing because I am desperate for help and dont know where else to turn. On Sept 1st, my family and I moved from our house in Shirley Long Island to upstate NY. My hubby didnt sell our Shirley house yet, so we rented a townhouse upstate. We were allowed to take only a few cats. The rest stayed in Shirley where my hubby took care of them while there, and when he came upstate, locked them in the basement with plenty of food and water for a couple of days so they were fine till he got back. Well, he came up early morning on Sept 15 and later that afternoon suddenly died in my arms. His family went into our house in Shirley and one of my feral cats got out!!!!!!!!! The people who are renting our house are feeding her occasionally but have no clue how to handle or capture a feral. I have had Zaria for over 2 yrs now. I cant bare to loose her too!!! Please somebody, if you are able to go to Shirley and use a human trap to catch her for me, I will be on the Island for Thanksgiving. Please, I dont want her out there on her own. Its getting cold. I've lost so much already, please help me get my Zaria back.
If anyone can help, please contact me ASAP. I dont know if I can leave my email addy on here but please respond if you can.
Thank You
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I am so sorry for your loss... and I completely understand your need to save your kitty. I'm in Texas, so I can't help you -- but I wanted to ask:

- Have you asked the people who are feeding her to see if they can borrow a trap from a local animal control department?

- Have you contacted any no-kill shelters in the area who might put out a trap for you?

- Have you sought out local rescue organizations? They are usually full of people with great big hearts who would be happy to help.

- Have you contacted all the shelters and animal control departments in the area to let them know that this kitty is yours, in case they pick her up?

I hope your kitty finds her way home to you... and I hope your loss quickly turns into happy memories. All good wishes...
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Not sure if they can help but try calling the Suffolk County SPCA 631-382-7722. The Humane Society I belong to in Nassau County works speaks very highly of them. Worth a call. Wishing you luck.
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Ive tried every number I can get my hands on throughout the Island. Rescuers, Shelters, Vets etc ...no help! And the idiots that are feeding her "sometimes" wouldnt bother to trap her for me. I called SPCA and they dont trap ferals ...dont matter that she has lived with me for 2 yrs. All these damn so called rescue people and nobody wants to help me. I just want my baby back. I need her, this is the hardest time in my life. My children and my furbabies are all I have to keep me going. Thanks anyway for the suggestions and well wishes.
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