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Forum shutdown

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Yep- you read it right, sometime today (unsure of what time) The forums will be closed as we finally finish the big move. You will be directed to a static page every time you log into the forums. The rest of the website will be online.

Just be patient with us, when we are 100% sure everything has been moved and working we will reactivate the forums and come back online-

So, just think about it this way-

Your familiy will finally see your face, after only viewing your backs for as many months as you have been hooked here-

Your dustbunnies will run in terror because you will be cleaning your home!

You might even fix a home-cooked meal

You can read that book you have been putting off

We will be back (knocking on wood furiously here)

Again, I am not sure when the shut down will happen- just that it will sometime today
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Thanks for the heads up, MA!

Good Luck with the final part of the move!

...and love the other ways to look at the downtime!
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Around 8 PM PST is when it is going to happen as it seemed to be a good balance on the timezones.

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how long will it be shutdown for?
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Whew! Good thing I hadn't planned to be on tonight!
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Thank you "Hissy"
oh noooooooooooooooooooooo guess i will pretend im at work till 10pm and come home and watch tv and visit with all my pets
{Good luck Mod team } we will miss you guys been nice knowing you good bye cat members i will miss cutting up with you guys tonight on the santa thread its been fun te-hee-te-hee im or ready getting sad

thanks for all the hard work you do this goes out to "Hissy and her Mod Squad Team"

see ya on the flip side

Beep Beep
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<fingers crossed>
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I'm glad I saw this thread! I'll be my patientist!

Thanks for all your hard work to everyone who keeps this site running!
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Oh no, we're gone..........
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Just kidding.....
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Hurry back...
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You're such a tease, Deb!
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Yes she is! Half an hour to go!
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We made it out alive! Welcome back to everyone!
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The move has been completed.

Thank you for your patience.

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Hi, just to say I'm glad your back I can stop doing boring things like housework now.
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YAY!!! Hope it all went successfully - thanks Thomas

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YAY! Good work!

Thanks for all the work you've done to make TCS Great!
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All of the site's features are up & running. Thank you
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Good Morning everyone!
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WOW! That was fast. Again you mods rock.
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Yay!!!!! And the search button is back
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We will be upgrading the forums here in a few weeks, just running it this way for now to see how everything is going.
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Originally Posted by Anakat
Hi, just to say I'm glad your back I can stop doing boring things like housework now.
I love your quote! ....

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This is brilliant - I came online today and it all worked. What's more, I didn't even have to fill my time with housework because it all happened while I was sleeping. Now that's what I call planning

Well done everyone!
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Yea I got an email notification this morning. Life is back to normal. Congrats to all of the techies involved. It was a smooth transition from this side (and hopefully not too difficult on yours).
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Congrats and thanks!!
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I'm so glad we're back!

Question though, I see we've been up since yesterday morning... how come I haven't be able to get into the forums until now? I kept getting the "temporarily shutdown" screen. I cleared my cache, and I know my firewall isn't the cause as TCS is on my allowed list. Also, I checked it at work a couple of times yesterday, and the same thing?? Weird!!
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