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The Pouch

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Years ago, most commercial cat food came in cans.
When kitties heard "any" can being opened, they would run toward the kitchen, meowing for food.

I was in my kitchen opening a bag of walnuts yesterday.
Unexpectedly, I heard Dexter & Sadie, who had be taking their cat naps, run into the kitchen.

I looked into their eager eyes and thought, what in the world are they doing? It's not their meal time?

Then it dawned on me.

Their wet food comes in pouches. Pouches make a specific sound similar to a plastic bag being opened.
My kitties no longer respond to a can being opened...only pouches & bags.

What make your sweetie pies come running?
Cans or Pouches?
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I keep the cat's food in my refrigerator in my garage, so ANYTIME the door to the garage opens and I go out and come right back in, here are all 3 cats sitting there meowing like mad, thinking I have more food for them.
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Actually their dishes being set out.
we have 4 cats and they all have their own dish. We give them a little can food in the morning and the evening when i get home from work. Suppliment the can with dry.
The sound of the dishes coming from the sink or the sound of the fork hitting the side of the dishes brings them all running tails held high and purr machine in full gear.
I love seeing my little ones coming bounding down the stairs making their 'veeerrrrupp' sounds all the way.
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Oh yes they know don't they!!

My two run at the sound of the can opening, and Rosie starts yelling at me when i shake her treat box
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My come running for both since they're wet food comes in a can and their treats in a pouch. Gracie also comes running when I open a bag of salad, since her favorite treat is lettuce!
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Mine come running if i just walk in the direction of the kitchen! In the morning and at night it's hysterical to watch them sit by their bowls and "sing" at me until their food is out!!
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Mine come running to the kitchen if I start doing dishes... becuase it MUST mean I'm washing THEIR dishes for gooshy food.

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the microwave.
I feed 1/2 a pouch in the a.m., then reheat the leftovers in the microwave for the p.m. meal. The microwave is next to her food dishes and she does her little dinner-dance and expectant look waiting for her food. It is in there maybe 11 sec, then she can enjoy.

Now, even if she has eaten for the night and I'm microwaving my own food - say it's on for 4 minutes - she still expects her dinner! LOL! I tell her "I eat from the microwave too sometimes" but she doesnt seem to get it!
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Ditto on the microwave!! My spoiled little crew knows that microwave sound means warmed chicken is getting ready to be cut-up!! Very very spoiled!!
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I have a cabinet that I keep their food & my pots and pans in. Since I don't cook all that often they associate that cabinet with their food. So, anytime I open that cabinet they all come running & crying like "oh yeah an extra meal today."
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Prego and Polly come running when I shake up my soymilk. It sounds just like their cat milk.
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Jamie comes running if he hears a can being opened (with the can opener, not the ring pull). I don't use much in the way of canned goods, and he's decided that cans = tuna for humans, which tastes much better than tuna for cats. I keep his harness in a drawer in the living room, and he usually comes running as soon as I slide the drawer open. He has the same reaction when I open the drawer where I keep my makeup in the bathroom, because he loves to supervise me putting on makeup (that's his time to make sure Mommy's cleaned her ears properly).
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Anytime I'm simply standing in the kitchen, Tanuki comes right up mewwing, and paws up on my leg to stretch and beg for treats. Kupo's not too far behind, waiting to see if there are any spoils to be had.
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They all come running when I open a pouch. Groceries are brought in, they try to see if I have brought them any goodies. They aren't too bad about the microwave or refrigator.
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Wherever they are, whatever they're doing, Sierra and Serenity come running at the sound of the can opener! Their food is also warmed in the microwave for 12 seconds before serving, so anytime the microwave is used, they expect their meal! Their food is stored in the fridge in a couple of those reusable ziploc containers. I use the same type containers to refridgerate my own food, and anytime I remove one of these from the fridge, they get all excited and start singing for their meal!
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Anytime I open the fridge, Meowser comes running and jumps in. I don't know why, he's done it since I first got him. It surprises people when they come over, open the fridge, and watch the cat jump in and sit there looking at them.
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Whenever Daddy is in the kitchen! Ophelia learned real early in her life that Daddy is not only a pushover, but he eats the good kitty stuff - tuna sandwiches, ham/chicken/turkey sandwiches, hot dogs, milk, stuff like that. She also learned that Mommy not only isn't as much of a pushover, but oftentimes actually cooks and makes meals that kitties don't like. Daddy cooks and makes meals that kitties don't like too, but there's better odds on Daddy having something good!

Trent is not food motivated at all, but he is our sniff-tester. He runs up to sniff whatever we are eating or drinking, but he's never nipped any food off a plate, and generally won't eat anything besides his dry food (doesn't even like wet!), certain flavors of treats, and the occassional lap of milk.
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Kitty behavior is as endless source of laughter & joy.
I love reading all of your posts.
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My cats come running whenever I open the pantry. It is where their food is stored. Often times I have to pull Misa (the younger one) out before I shut he door.
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Hi...welcome to TCS.
How many kitties do you have? Misa sounds like a little sweetie pie. Pictures please.
Originally Posted by MYK
My cats come running whenever I open the pantry. It is where their food is stored. Often times I have to pull Misa (the younger one) out before I shut he door.
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Heck, any time I go into the kitchen for any reason at all, I have two cats at my heels. I like to call them my Fuzzy Kitchen Leg Warmer.

It's gotten to the point where if I am standing at the counter doing dishes, they will both sit there watching me, patiently awaiting their meal.
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Mitts, like valanhb's kitties, responds to dad more. Every Friday we go out for awhile to meet friends and on the way home pick up good groceries. One of the items is always sashimi (which dad gives Mitts a taste of), so Mitts is there on Friday screaming anytime we go to the kitchen.

(valanhb - I am also "mean" mommy, I don't give him all this extra yummy food! He never wants my salad! )

He also knows the cupboard I keep his food in and will meow loudly if I open it up.

I just realized today that I keep my Mexican spices in there, too. Although his food is air-tight, I wonder if he associates the smell of Mexican spices with his kibbles????
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Anytime I go in the general direction of the kitchen.

Since I have a fairly small apartment and the kitchen is right in the middle, this means I don't get to do much of anything without an entourage, lol!
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Very have an entourage? I like that.
Originally Posted by semiferal
I don't get to do much of anything without an entourage, lol!
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Chichi never runs LOL LOL she is such a princess she knows mommy will bring her food to her, wherever she is LOL Murphy on the other hand, bolts into the kitchen, so fast he often crashes into the wall LOL, whenever you turn the water on!!!! Thats because before I feed them I ALWAYS wash out their bowls ( over-protective/worry-wart )So whenever he hears the kitchen sink he assumes you are washing his bowl. He also runs to the door whenever you pick up keys! You could still be in the other room, he will be in by the door waiting- or worse, waiting in the cat carrier!!!!! LOL LOL LOL Like ok mom, i am ready to go! I will have to get a picture of this for you all LOL
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