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How to anser RSVP

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Hi All,

I got an invitation to our corporate Holiday Party. On the invitation it said RSVP to and the persons e-mail. How do I answer the RSVP? The party is at the Golf Club. What do I wear?

Thank you all in advance.
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Well, to reply, just email and say something like:

Dear.... I am writing to accept the invitation to the Corporate Holiday Party on such and such date. I look forward to attending. Yours sincerely, .....
Does the invitation not give an idea of dress code? Is it likely to be formal as it's a corporate thing?
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I work for a large law firm and when we have our holiday party it's usually formal. I wore a beautiful 50's style sleeveless gown for the past two years and did my hair ala Marilyn Monnroe. You could ask others who have been in the past to get an idea of what to wear. Personally, I love to show off my assets any chance I get. Drive all the lawyers crazy.

As for the RSVP, just contact the person to let them know you'll be attending and if you're bringing a guest, provide the guest's name. That should be enough I think.
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My hubby's mgr's holiday parties are also at one of the private country clubs in town. The men wore suits and the women "sparkly clothes"!! Until they switched the attire to "business casual" (cheaper for me!!) I would agree to find out what others usually wear too-nothing too skimpy however if the bossman is attending!!
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thanks a lot. That's great help. This is my first REAL job. I am the youngest person in the whole company and I don't want them to think that I'm immature (sp?). Now need to find what to wear ASAP!!!
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I have a story about corporate parties.....

When I was married to my ex husband he worked for a HUGE home alarm company and they always had HUGE parties at Christmas. Well on the invitation it said "formal" So we both went out and spent probably $150 on our outfits so we would look good since it was his first Corp. get together. Well when we showed up, everyone was wearning jeans and t-shirts. GAWD was I embarrassed They changed plans last minute and went casual but didnt notify us because we weren't on the "phone list" since they hadnt updated it since he was hired.. Well the NEXT year we got an invitation to the X-Mas party and it said it was "casual". My ex husband asked them the day of the party and confirmed it was "casual" so we just wore t-shirts and jeans... well wouldn't you know it, we showed up and everyone was "formal"... yet another year I was embarrassed... I think to this day they did it on purpose because my ex husband didn't get along with ANYONE at his work....well guess what? I didnt get along with him either... thats why we're divorced
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I go to a lot of these things for my work. I usually wear a business type suit, or something very elegant but plain. For example, at the last one, I wore a pair of black dress pants that were made of chiffon. I also have an ankle length black chiffon skirt, and one of those "carwash" pants, the kind with pants and then panels of fabric over top. Then, I get a sparkly top, and sexy shoes. If I am not sure of the dress code, I wear a suit, because I wear a sparkly camisole under the jacket, but if people are more "formal" (ie showing more skin), I can take off the jacket and fit right in.

And the real secret, don't even think about what everyone else is wearing after you arrive. If they are more or less dressed up than you are, just pretend that they are all wrong, and you are the only one who got it right.
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