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Some new pics of Pablo

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Time for some new Juan Pablo Montoya pics! I just snapped these day...she is such a sweetheart....

She looks like a mechanic here, sliding outside asking for more tools...:P

Just lazing around...

Here she is greedily begging for some chicken sandwich that I was having......I took pity on my poor little perenially famished baby and gave her few pieces but ultimately she ended up gobbling up my whole sammich...

Observing my fingers on the keyboard...

[sigh], I really am in love....
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Awww! what a beauty
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Awww shes lovely. The 1st pic is soooo cute!
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She has really pretty eyes...and she is adorable
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She's a little beauty!
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Awwwwww she's gorgeous!! Does she have kitty treats?
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Thanks everyone! Is she a calico by the way? I am just wondering because she has tabby markings on her forehead and dark black and brown spots on the patches on her back...

Rosiemac: Yes, she gets Yogurt mixed with Whiskas as treat or somethimes I also give her cheese. But she is never satisfied, always hungry for more...
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What a sweetie!!
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How cute is she....I love the 1st picture also
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Oh no i meant kitty treats that you can buy?!
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Rosiemac: No, I think I mentioned it before, but this isnt exactly a cat friendly/oriented country....the kitty treats arent easily available....and by chance if you find one they are pretty expensive...
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Oh i'll have to do something about that then!
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Awwww! Pablo is just so adorable!

She has similar markings and colourings to my Molly! Bless her!
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Pablo is adorable. Give her a hug for me.
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Pablo is sooo big and just gorgeous! Thanks for posting updated pics!
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