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Really getting discouraged...

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I have a three year old spayed bengal, Gabrielle, that has psychogenic alopecia. She has been on medication for approximately a month. At first she seemed to be reducing the amount of excess grooming and hair pulling that she had been doing, but now she is worse than ever. The inside and outside of both hind legs are pretty much hairless and she also has a bare tummy and a small bare patch on the inside of each forarm. I have all the windows blocked off so that she cannot see the ferals outside but maybe she can smell them - I just don't know. She has been back to the vet and we have started a different medication which I hope will help. I feel so sorry for her. She must get chilly with so much of her hair gone. I feel quite helpless and would appreciate any suggestions. Anyone???
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You could Try putting vaseline on her bald spots to discourage her from licking at the skin, and on her fur in some places. I really don't have any suggestions for you, sorry, but I hope that everything works out OK
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I would try using Frontline or Topspot on your cat in case there is a mite problem or mange. Talk to your vet about putting your cat on antihistimines, and also start playing games with your cat when you can. Groom her daily, with a soft brush, and just try to let her know that she is special. She could just have a major flea problem or be allergic to her food or water bowl? But talk to the vet about over the counter antihistimines and have him tell you which ones and how much. Good luck!
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Hi Panther

Does the term "psychogenic alopecia" mean that the vet thinks this is psychological? and did the vet rule out other physical causes? I was also curious what the med your Bengal has been put on.

The reason I ask is that I have a cat that has skin problems in the same areas but was given a different diagnosis. My cat licked the fur off her legs (inside and back) as well as a line down side of belly, from armpit to legpit, plus small spots on each wrist. The vet called it eosinophilic granuloma complex. . .which is a fancy word for eczema of an allergic cause (either autoimmune or environmental). The first thing my vet recommended was sticking to a strict Advantage schedule even though she does not have fleas and she is an indoor cat (we have another cat who sometimes carries them in). The next thing was to use oral Prednisone which made a huge difference. Now we are trying a hypoallergenic diet to wean her off the Prednisone.

Maybe a referral to a feline dermatologist might help. I hope this clears up soon and your Bengal feels better.
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My kitty has a skin rash/bladness problem and I've been having some success with the Septiderm-V system. www.naturvet.com click on Green Tree products. I get it at Petco.
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Psychogenic alopecia is excessive grooming due to anxiety. It seems to have started late in the fall when the neighbour feral cats started coming up my hill to find warmth and shelter under my house. Gabrielle is definitely an alpha cat and would run from window to window getting quite upset. She feels that these cats are invading her territory and there is nothing that she can do about it since she is strictly an indoor cat. That is why I have blocked off the windows that she can look out of. She has been checked for other problems but she is healthy otherwise and fleas are virtually non-existent way up north here. Fortunately she has not become so obsessed with grooming that she is irritating her skin but I am worried it may come to that if it continues for too long - I have read where it can become an obsessive compulsive behaviour. We tried her first on amitriptyline for a month and not she is on comacalm? (both are antidepressants-antianxiety meds). I have also been having more interactive playtime with her since I figure if she is anxious, then she needs some way to release the increase of adrenalin. I am just hoping that I see some improvement soon - poor Gabby!
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If it really is phycogenic, I have seen prozac do the trick if the clomicalm doesn't help. I know for sure it has helped 4 cats with the same problem.
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I'm not positive, but I though clomicalm and prozac are the same? It is good to know that Sandie knows of four cats that prozac has helped. Now the problem is getting the meds into her. Gabrielle is a very active cat and definitely not a lap cat. The first day I crushed the med in her soft food (her little breakfast treat) and she took it fine. That was the last time though - she won't touch the food now if the med has been mixed into it. So I tried pilling her and followed the method that I read somewhere on this site (I think it was Sandie's post?) and managed to get it into her the first day. The second day was much more difficult and I came away from the ordeal scratched up and Gabrielle was royally annoyed! Today there was no way I could get the pill into her. Anyone with suggestions for pilling a cat that does not even like to be picked up or carried around?
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