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Avatar frustration

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I'm trying to post pics of my boys as an avatar, is that possible ? can't seem to navigate to the point where I can, Mike
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In order to have a custom avatar you have to be a member of TCS for a certain amount of time and have the level of 'Super cat'.

I speak under correction, but I remember reading this info in a thread in this forum, just this week.

Edited to add:

Super Cat
  • 700 posts
  • 120 days in membership
  • 40 stored PMs
  • 39 additional avatars to choose from
  • Ability to upload custom avatar
  • 80 Kb in uploaded attachments
  • Posting access to IMO, if over 18.
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Heres a link to look at because i'm afraid you have to have more posts etc...

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I had to become a supercat to get a custom avatar but they have some cute ones on the site you can use until then.
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