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Spayed cat sprays evrything..Help

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ariel indigo large

We started out with 3 cats, the sprayer in question being one of them (she was raised with these cats).
She is spayed and was a calm sweetie for about 1 1/2 years, then the spraying began. She even sprayed me twice.
8 months ago, we were adopted by 4 other kittens (they were born in a drainage ditch near our home. Thier mother was abandoned by our neighbors, and the kittens were left to die).
We made the kittens a shelter in our laundry room outside, and fed them there, so as not to upset our sprayer further. This did not help! She got worse..nothing is sacred not furniture, walls, windows or ME! We love on her , pet her, but it still persists.
And no-one will take the other cats off our hands. Please advise!
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You have had her vet checked? Sometimes they just have a UTI that needs to be cleared up with medication. And they do it too when they are uhhappy about something in their world that has changed suddenly. Most cats spray to mark their territory and if she has others in her home, she is clearly telling them that what she sprays she considers hers (hence the reason why she sprayed you) feel flattered? *G* She may also do it because she was spayed late and had already developed the spraying habit even after the spay. Plus once she has sprayed, she smells the mark and will respray the same area as it fades. You need to thouroughly clean up the urine smell. There is a product called Feliway that will help in stopping her territorial marking. try also giving her more litter boxes to choose from, keep them extremely clean and away from heavy trafficed areas. Good luck. Where are you by the way? What state? Perhaps a member could take the kittens off your hands?
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Thanks for your reply. I will buy some feliway tomorrow. I will also take her to the vet...she has been a little cranky.

Kitten(sprayers name), is an indoor/outdoor cat. She has always prefered to go use the bathroom in the great outdoors, never in the house or litter box. She hollers at us in the morning to let her out.

I live in South Carolina. If there is anyone on this forum from SC and want another cat, we have them.

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