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Help regarding skin patches on a ferral

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Hello all,
As of late I have befriended a stray momma kitty around my neighbourhood. I dont let her in my house but I feed her everyday. She also has three kittens and there is no hissing from her side when i play with the tiny ones. I guess that means she feels pretty safe with me around. So anyway heres the problem. The mommy cat has many bare patches on her back which are really worrying me as of late. Can it be due to malnutrition or is it a skin disease. I have tried taking her pic but its just an imposssible task to take her pic. I didnt notice the bald spots on her until my friend took this pic of us ---

As of now the spots are quiet negligible but I am worried that they might spread later if not taken care of..

In this one you can see she has a lotta junk in her ears, are those ear mites?
Also, I have my own indoor pet kitty, do I need to take any precautions after touching the stray ones?

I want to take her to the vet for a complete checkup, but its really impossible for me to take a ferral cat with 3kitts. Also calling a vet would be a bit of a hassle cause there is no particular time when she turns up, she will be knocking on my door at any odd hours, I cant keep the vet waiting then?

So is there any genuine problem with the ferral or I am just fretting unnecessarily...

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The best thing is a vet check. There could be a possiblilty of ringworm which is highly contagious. She appears friendly enough to get in a carrier if you could get her to the vet.
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Yes absolutely it is very important that after playing with the ferals to wash your hands with an antibacterial prior to playing with your indoor cats. If you have not been doing this, start now. You can and will transmit anything the feral has that is contageous to your indoor babies.

Poor little momma kitty, she looks a bit underfed for a nursing mother. Ear mites and worms are always a concern. especially with her babies. I cannot tell from the picture, but if you notice black coating inside her ears, its most likely mites. If you cannot take her to the vet, an option may be taking a "Q-tip" swab of her ears and some feces to the vet for analysis.

As for the bald spots, can you notice any redness or irritation and swelling? Becareful when looking, they may be tender to her. These might be abscess from an injury or cat fight. The vet could tell you more.

Thank you for looking out for this cat and her babies.
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