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Going to a counselor tomorrow...

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Well, you all are probably suck of hearing about my problems... So, I am going to see a professional!!! I have my first appiontmant tomorrow. I am nervous, but it is well over due!
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Excellent!! I hope it goes well.
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I don't think anyone's tired of hearing anything from you But a counselor may be something you need, so if you're going good on you...
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Good luck Erin!!!
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I'm sure it will help. You've taken a big step for yourself. May all your problems fade away!
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Good luck with everything!!
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I hope you really get the most out of it!!
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We'll be thinking of you and hope it all goes well and is the first step to sorting out your life.
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Good for you for taking care of yourself, Erin.
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Good news Erin - good luck and chin up
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That is great, i see a counceler, and it's one of the best things i have ever done for myslef!!! Good Luck!
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Well, no such luck today. My uncle had a stroke, so I had to canel my appiontment! I rescheduled for the 21st. Boy when it rains it poors!!!
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Good for you for taking care of yourself!!
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Going to a counselor got me through one of my husband's deployments. I hope it helps you!
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GOOD FOR YOU! Sometimes it really helps to have someone that is not connceted to your everyday life to help you sort things out objectivly. I hope this turns out to be a real blessing for you!
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aww, Erin I'm so sorry about your uncle. Is he pulling through? My daddy had a stroke (but they called it a cerebral hemhorrage) when I was 15, so I know what a rough road that can be... ***more good vibes***
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Erin, I'm sorry about your uncle too! I do hope he is going to be all right.

About having to cancel the appt...good things are worth the wait!
Also, I go to counseling too, and it is about the BEST thing I have ever done. Helped me turn from a scared, messed up girl into the relatively well put together creature I am now.
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Speaking of when it rains it poors.... I just got the news the I will no longer be on my insurance cobra as of January 1st. I don't know what I am going to do! I take so many medications daily, it will cost hundreds of dollars monthly for them. We can not afford this. I am so close to giving up.
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I see a therapist I think its one of the best things I have done in my life. Its so worth it for me.
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I thought Tim was getting free health insurance in the new job?
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Oh, Erin...what a mess. I do hope that things look up for you soon. Are you still going to see the counselor?
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