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Poor Cheeto (again)

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Some of you may remember when I got my kitten Cheeto, she had birth defects and her stomach was adhesed to her bladder, and needed major surgery at the age of 4 months. Since then she's had to go back to the vet for many checkups.

Well, yesterday I went to clip her nails and noticed her toes (nail beds) were all swollen on one paw, and up by the dewclaw as well. She went to the vet today, where they had to put her in the cat bag just to look at her toes, and it turns out they think she got bitten by my gerbil and has an infection. Now she is on penicillin for 10 days (half a pill, twice a day), and three days worth of anti-inflammatories.

I feel bad for her, she's had so many bad vet experiences in her 7 months, the vet said next time before they do anything to her, they'll have to sedate her
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Awww, poor Cheeto!
Sending lots of healing vibes her way.
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Poor kitty! I assume the gerbil is in its habitat...did the kitty put her paw through the bars? Is there some way to keep her from doing that?

Bless her heart. Sending good thoughts for her...
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Yup, kitty was too curious and put her paw through the bars, that's what they think happened anyways. There are no witnesses, but that's the best guess since she's an indoor kitty, and there's not much here she could get a cut from. Gerbil is now at my parents house, and cat is here with me, it just wasn't working out very well with the two of them, and I have a one bedroom apartment so not much chance for separation!
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Oh, I am sorry about having to move your gerbil out..Here is a big hug for you and Cheeto
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Prayers and Healing Vibes to Cheeto. Get well soon kitty.
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Poor kitty!!! Good thing you were clipping her nails and noticed it quickly!!!!! You know how cats will hide their pain. I hope she gets well soon, the kitties and I will be praying for you both. Good luck!
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Poor baby. Sending good vibes her way.
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