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UPDATE on my friends lost cat......

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I just found out that my very best friends cat got out Sat night. Her cat is an indoor only, no collar and is four paw declawed( please no flaming, she didn't know better at the time.) She is frantic, her cat is about 13 years old and has NO street smarts. She tried to put up lost posters, but in the area she lives in, they won't allow them to be put up and they were taken down. She's talked to some of her less snooty neighbors and they said they'd keep an eye out for him and call her if they see him. She's left her back screen door opened in the hopes that he will come home and come in that way. She scoured the neighborhood all day Sunday. They've called the Humane Society twice already. She can't leave food out because she lives near a wooded area and the critters will just eat it and chase her cat away from it.
I told her to put some clothes with her scent on them so if he IS in the area he might smell them and find his way home.
Please, we need mega vibes. She is lost without her cat. Her kids are not happy either.
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Oh no... Vibes for your friends cat. A safe return home!!!
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Sending lots of Kitty Come Home vibes for your friend!
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How terrible! I hope he finds his way home SOON!!!
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Sending lots of vibes. Hope the kitty comes home safe.
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Sending lots of vibes!
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Poor kitty must be terrified! Sending lots of vibes
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Sending vibes for your friend and her kitty!
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Sending lots of 'Come Home Safely and Soon' }}}VIBES{{{

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Lots of <vibes> for your friends kitty...Come home sweet one..
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Many good vibes for a safe return of her kitty.
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Originally Posted by jugen
Please, we need mega vibes. She is lost without her cat. Her kids are not happy either.
I´m so sorry to head this...
My best wishes to appear soon this poor kitty! ......
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Poor kitty! I hope your friend finds her furbaby safe & sound very soon.

(((come home soon!)))

This site has some very good search tips, and a page especially for help finding indoor-only cats:
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Sending lots of vibes...I hope the family finds their kitty soon!
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Oh no-sending lots and lots of 'come home soon' vibes!!
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sending kitty come home vibes
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That's just awful. Sending lots of positive vibes your way. {{}}
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saturday seems like a bad day..
Teufel is gone too

come home kitties
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Sending lots of come home vibes to your friends kitty.
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Jen found her cat today. Rather, her daughter did. He was curled in between her bed and her wall and had passed away sometime in the past few days. He had blood coming from almost every orifice(excuse the grossness) and they aren't sure what happened. Her daughter is horrified and she is in shock. Jen called me this morning in tears telling me what happened. I am in shock and so upset. She has another cat Neffy, that is so lost without poor buddy bean,(that's his name, well it's actually Frances Bean but everyone calls him buddy bean) Neffy is semi feral and won't let people near her but loved Buddy to death and slept with him, licking him and purring the whole time. I'm so upset and was wondering if you all could send some healing vibes to Jen and her family? They could really use it right now.
For those of you who have NO idea what I'm talking about, here's the link to the other thread:
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OMG!~!! That is so sad.. Sending heeling vibes!!! RIP Bean!!!
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Oh, Barb, how horrible!! Not bad enough that their baby is gone... Sounds like he got into something terribly toxic. Lotsa vibes and prayers coming for them. What a thing to have to work through!
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Prayers for poor Buddy Bean's family.
RIP Buddy.
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How sad!
Sending hugs and good vibes to your friend and her daughter.
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Barb, I'm so sorry to hear that. I was so hoping....

Many comforting vibes sent to Frances (Buddy) Bean's family. He's at peace and watching over them from the Rainbow Bridge.

Out of respect for Buddy Bean, and the deep grief his family (and friends) are in, I'll move this to Crossing the Bridge.
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How horrible for her to find him like that! I'm so sorry! for you and them too!
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Please see this thread for the update.
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poor girl. That's terrible. I hope she gets through this ok. Sending prayers their way.
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