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you know maybe I am nuts

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but I just saw the new Pedigree Champions commercial, and they show this little beagle dog at a birthday party with kids and they show this dog eating what looks like chocolate cake? Has anyone seen this commercial or am I imagining that a responsible pet food company would show a dog eating something that was possibly toxic?
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I don't think the commercial has anything to do with you being nuts . . . {teasing}

I haven't seen it, but, I know Pedigree is usually like a pate and the container is square. Are you sure they didn't show the dog food on a plate?
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No this is the new meaty gravy dog food in a pouch. The first segment shows the beagle chowing down on a cinnamon roll and the second segment shows what looks like chocolate cake? And yes, I am nuts the math is making it so!
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Oh well that's just great. Make ignorant people do more dumb things with their pets. I used to have bday parties for my dog and give her Gaines burgers with a candle in them. One time she got into a bag of dark chocolate chips when we weren't home and got really really sick

I am rambling. Stupid commercial people. Call them. I'll watch for the commercial, I can't call unless I saw it myself.
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I'm not buying my dog Pedigree anymore..hehe he doesn't like it anyway. Only Alpo or Kibbles n Bits for my Buddy.
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Just remember to drop them a line about why you aren't buying their stuff any more. Otherwise, they're clueless and you're deprived.
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I saw that commercial just last night and you are right - or I am nutzzzzie too!

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I haven't seen this one, but I am going to keep an eye out for it now! What morons! (them of course, not you all... )
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"Yes, that is indeed our commercial. We have forwarded your letter to our Marketing Manager, she will be in touch."
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Good going!
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And they cut out the part about the chocolate cake! Guess one or two people can matter sometimes. Thanks to those of you who weighed in on this.
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You know I remember seeing that and shaking my head at them. Shame on them for that. I guess who ever came up with the idea for the commercial dosen't know the slightest thing about dogs. Whoops for them!!
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I do remember this commercial, and my boyfriend and I just looked at eachother and shook our heads...
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