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A Nightmare Before Christmas

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OK, this is for those of you who have seen the movie " A Nightmare Before Christmas". (awesome movie BTW! )

I have come across different opinions as to whether this is a Halloween movie or a Christmas movie.

So, do you consider it to be a Halloween or Christmas movie.

A poll will appear in a few minutes.
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I've never seen the looked kinda weird.
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I haven't heard of it!
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It looked way to weird and I don't celebrate halloween anyway. So I never saw it. It came out when I was in elementary school though. I do remember that.
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I loved it! I wanna see Corpse Bride too!
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It's a From October through December movie! I LOVE that movie! Zero is SSSSOOOOO cute!
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Either way, it was strange!
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I have always wanted to (and can) go as Sally.

I also know someone who can very easily go as Jack.

Now we just need to coordinate our Halloween costumes one of these times.
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Oh I think it's definitely a Christmas movie. A warped, perfectly Tim Burton-esque Christmas movie!!!

His other masterpiece, Beetlejuice, is more of a Halloween movie.

I LOVE a Nightmare Before Christmas!!! Tim Burton is a hero to those out there with a weird sense of humor. He really caters to us creative minds.

Corpse Bride was great, too, by the way.
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Couldn't have said it better!

I can't wait to go and see Corpse Bride!!
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Although we dont celebrate Halloween here, I love that movie!

Tim Burton is amazing! He has a very bizarre sense of humour and always incorporates dark and beautiful cinematography. Nightmare before christmas was such a great animation! All his work, from sleepy hollow, Ed Wood, Edward Scissorhands to the recent ones like Big fish are simply stunning!
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Can you tell I love this movie? I just ordered it on DVD, and it should be here any day.
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Aww It's an all purpose seasonal. I watch it on thanksgiving sometimes, lol
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I've never heard of it. I really want to see Corpse Bride though!
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I actually have sally and jack on the hill as my desktop background.

I consider it a halloween movie, though I could see it being a christmas movie.
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It's both
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I think it's appropriate for both holidays....and anytime! A great movie, IMHO.
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I agree. It's definitely suitable for both holidays. We watch it off and on throughout the fall.
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Love it! For me it's a Christmas movie, since Halloween isn't so familiar to me. Commerce is nowadays trying to promote it in Finland too, though; we sort of half-celebrate it here.
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