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infection after surgery?

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My 4 month old kitten just was spayed last week. The post-op care said to make sure she doesn't excessively lick the incision, so there is less chance of infection. I've been pretty careful about stopping her from doing this, but in the past couple of days, I've noticed the wound seems to be seeping a little, and there are two very fine wires sticking out of the area. I'm assuming those are just the sutures, but should they be poking out? I'm wondering if puting neosporin on it would be helpful. Is something like that ok for cats?
any advice?
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You need to call your vet & ask if your kitty needs to be seen. I would do it first thing in the morning.
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- It's a little late in your kitten's recovery period for seepage, I would think. You're right to be concerned.

- Neosporin is okay, but she'll probably just lick it right off.

- The sutures sticking out a bit are normal in my experience...as long as she isn't tugging on them.

- However, I think you should be on your vet's doorstep when he opens in the morning. Good luck! Please let us know what happens...
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Normally a spay incision should look a little better every day. If it gets worse, it is important to see a vet without delay. If there are signs of infection such as redness, pus, or if the incision feels warmer than the rest of her skin, then she needs to go to the emergency vet. An infection in the incision site can spread to the rest of her abdomen and a septic abdomen is very, very bad news. But if an infection is treated right away, it normally clears up without any trouble.
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