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Help! I'm afraid I may lose another cat :-(

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I little over 2 months ago I adopted a 1 year old kittie name Baby. At first she seemed ok except for being really thin. She had a bit of snifle then started acting like she was coffing or gagging very horsely. I took her to the vet and they put her on antiboitics for a respitory infection and possible urinary trek infection. She seemed to get better but was only a bit sleepy then about two weeks ago I came home to find her lying paralized on the bathroom floor barely breathing. The vet said there was nothing they could do and had to put her to sleep. Now my older 7 year old kitty (Ricky) is exhibiting the same coffing or gagging that Baby was several weeks back he is also urinating quite a bit. Has anyone experienced anything like this. I'm willing to go through and have him tested for whatever but I'm not sure where to even start. I don't really trust the vet I took Baby too before. He's always been a great eater but now he doesn't seem interested and Baby the cat that died was eating fine until she died but never gained weight and stayed really really thing. I'm at loss to know what to do I don't want to lose him the way I lost Baby.
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I would go to a new vet asap and see what they think. Then go from there.

I'm sorry about your puddytats!!
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Yes, definitely, get to another vet TOMORROW! And for what it's worth, my first thoughts would be whether there might be some kind of toxin in your house. Maybe some toxic mold, a pesticide, a coolant spill in the garage, something like that.

Poor baby! Wishing him the best...
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I would highly recommend taking him to the emergency vet hospital immediately. The sooner a problem is addressed, the better the chance for recovery. From what you describe I think Ricky will probably be fine if he is treated now, but the longer you put off treatment the worse things could be.

He should at the very least have complete bloodwork done to see how his organs are functioning. Based on your description I am suspicious that he may have a problem with his kidneys. This could be caused by any number of things, almost all of which are at least manageable even if they cannot be cured.

Good luck - please keep us posted.
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Hi. Where in missouri are you????? Let me know and I will see if I know of any good vets in your area. I am soo sorry you are going through this, I really hope Ricky pulls out of this very soon. The kitties and I will be praying for you.
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I'm sending many vibes to Ricky. Please keep us posted on what the vet says.
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