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It was only a matter of time...

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But it still feels a bit too soon to me.

Hawn Rolls with Sept. 11 Hijacking Pic for F/X
Mar 8 2002 5:02AM

HOLLYWOOD (Variety) - Goldie Hawn has partnered with basic-cable network F/X to develop a movie about the passengers of United Flight 93, the hijacked jetliner that crashed in a Pennsylvania field on Sept. 11.
F/X and Hawn's Cosmic Entertainment banner -- whose principals also include Kurt Russell and Hawn's children Kate and Oliver Hudson -- have optioned an article from Vanity Fair's December issue to serve as the basis of the project.

In five vignettes, the Bryan Burroughs-penned VF piece "Manifest Courage" chronicled the interaction between victims and their families on the morning of Sept. 11, from the time they began their day until the flight crashed at 10:06 a.m.

"Bryan's article did not spend very much time on the airplane on that day. Neither will we," F/X Entertainment president Kevin Reilly said. "This will not be 'The Taking of Flight 93."'

In fact, the last scene of the movie likely will be the boarding process. The concept is to memorialize the victims, through a series of vignettes looking at their lives before the fateful flight and how ordinary people would become heroes.

"It was almost impossible to comprehend the decision these people made to ultimately do what they did," Reilly said. "Everyone sat wondering if they would have had the same courage. None of them were wearing capes. They were just good people."

"We're going to find the drama in very small moments, set against what's ahead."

Everyone involved in the project insisted the material will be approached sensitively -- or they won't do it.

"We realize this is a sensitive subject," said Shanna Tyndall, the head of Cosmic's TV division. "We hope to do it justice and to memorialize the heroes made on the flight, as well as the heroes who were made after. Heroes also were made in those people they left behind."

Steven Tolkin, who most recently wrote Showtime's "Fidel," is set to write the picture.

Reilly said the key players have talked about mounting the picture as a commercial-free event on F/X, perhaps with one sponsor. They're also looking to attract a cast of well-known actors to play key parts, much in the way stars rose to the occasion for HBO's "And the Band Played On."

At least two other Sept. 11-related TV movies are in the works at other outlets. CBS has a picture from journalist-producer Lawrence Schiller that likely will take place in real time and will end up focusing on Flight 93. Canadian indie powerhouse Alliance Atlantis is talking to several networks about a picture focusing on the Hamburg, Germany, terror cell believed to be connected to the Sept. 11 hijackings
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They are doing a special called 9/ll I saw excerpts of it the other night when TLC portrayed some of it. If you watch it,keep plenty of kleenix close. It is quite powerful
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I'm sure it's a good story as far as making a movie is concerned, but I hate it when people use events like this to line their pockets. I hope she is tasteful about it.
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That's just exactly what I was going to say....I really hope it is tastefully done.
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this feels sickenly, excruciatingly wrong - it's just wrong.

why must hollywood capitalize and profit from such tragedy?

why has this been approved, for crying out loud?

i dont understand. i really dont.
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A movie about it ???...ugh!...that is so sick. I, and many others like me, lost a very close friend and her family that day at the WTC, and to think that some people are going to make money out of something so awful and tragic just makes me feel ill. What a shame that people feel the need to provide such film footage,
disguised in the form of entertainment !!! I don't think
poor Kate and her family would be to thrilled about it either, regardless if they were on the planes, or not. The lost their lives in the WTC, but if this movie is approved you can garentee that some other company will produce a movie showing the trapped tower victims too. What an awful, awful thing some movies are.

Peace, Love, and Happiness, Always
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