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Cat peeing problem!

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I have read through the other thread about this and I have tried alot of those and it has not worked.
The problem is that we have 6 cats and one of them started peeing on the kitchen countertop. We caught one cat doing it so we put him where he couldn't get in the kitchen and then another one of our cats did it same places pretty much everytime. So we have more then one cat peeing on the countertop in our kitchen and we have tried a number of things to get them to stop. We have a fairly large spaced out house so it is not crowded with 6 cats in it. We have 5 litter boxes and all of them are large ones like the rubbermaid rectangle ones. We are unsure of what to do next. We love our cats alot and we can't get rid of any we have had 5 of them for over 6 years. This problem has been going on for a while and I am just not sure what to do now. 5 are male and 1 is female just for reference.
Appreciate the help.
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Have you taken the cats to the vet to be checked for a urinary tract infection or blockage? Peeing on a smooth surface like a counter is almost always due to infection or blockage. The problem behavior will not go away as long as the cat has the infection or blockage.
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You should have one more litterbox then you do cats. So 7.
Take the one that you saw first peeing on the countertop to the vet to be check for a UTI.
If they have an infection, they sometimes won't use the box because they associate it with the pain.
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Well yes one of my male cats had a UTI, but now it has been a few months since that and he is well again. Since one cat saw he was peeing there they did it too, now they won't stop. I will buy a few more boxs tomorrow though thanks. What should I do though? It is like it became a habit now for them.
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Unless a vet saw this cat yesterday, don't assume the cat is healthy. Take the cat back to the vet, chances are good he does again have a UTI The others are peeing there because it smells like pee, therefore it must be okay-

www.urine-off.com is one of the products that will help you
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