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Hello everyone,

Just have a quick question. Is there any kind of drink i can give my cat besides water? I know they like milk but have trouble digesting it. Is there anything else i can give her for a treat??

Thanks All!
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They have special cat milk at pet stores. I'm unsure who makes it though.
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I'll give the cats the "juice" from the tuna can!! Its got to be salty though!!
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There are a couple of different brands of "cat milk", which is lactose-reduced. Just make sure the brand you buy doesn't contain sugar, which is absolutely unnecessary. You can also buy lactose-reduced milk for humans at most supermarkets. Most cats like kefir, which won't upset their tummies. Another idea is to make chicken or beef broth (no salt), freeze it in an ice cube tray, and add a cube or two to plain tap water. Some people give their cats bottled water.
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Water should be available to her at all times.

For a treat, you could give her low salt chicken broth or the water drained off a can of tuna or chicken. There are also products called Cat Sip and Cat Milk, which are milk based but lactose reduced and fortified with some extra nutrients that cats need.
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Whiskas makes one kind of drink that I have seen occ at grocery stores. It comes in a purple juice box type container. There is another one, don't remember the brand, but they also have a cheese flavor. I have two cats and two kittens. One of the cats couldn't care less- this is the cat who also doesn't like wet food that much, the other will take a few sips but won't finish. I bought the milk drink originally to help lure out the kittens from their outside hiding place, and continued to give them some for the first week or so after they were captured, b/c I figured it might be a good supplement. They loved it! I have stopped giving it to them for now- mostly b/c they are in good health and eat nutro kitten, also I think it might have contributed to their poop being runnier and stinkier. Of course they did have worms anyway.
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During the hellacious heat of a Texas summer, the algae that grows in our lakes often causes tap water to taste wretched, despite all the processing that they say makes it safe to drink. I didn't have the heart to make my cats drink something I wouldn't drink myself, so I started sharing my bottled Ozarka water with them. They seem to drink MORE water this way (which I think is good for them, just as it is for us), and I feel I'm protecting their health a lot better.

I made the mistake of sharing about a teaspoonful of vanilla shake with them once, though, and now they want a taste of everything I drink! :-)
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I am also in north texas and I refuse to drink the tap water. I drink bottled water only, but I just got a cat fountain off ebay. It cost me $15 and it filters the water for my kitties so it makes me feel much better about giving it to them, it also keeps the water cool.
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I give my cats filtered water from the Brita pitcher. We recently had an issue with lead in the local drinking water and as far as I am concerned, if the water is not safe for an adult to drink then it is not safe for a 10 pound cat!
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Thanks everyone, I always have fresh water for her to drink and I also use water that i run through the brita pitcher. I will have a look for that lactose reduced milk and see if she likes it. thanks all!
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