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Okay I am New here and I am very lost and confused. I know I posted for HELP in here before But I cannot find it and I have read and searched for some answers.
So I am going to ask:

1) Is anything not runnning right now? Disabled?
2) How can I search for POSTS?
3) Can replies go to your E mail INBOX? And how does this work?
how does anything work?

I am a bit overwhelmed and I know this will take some time and getting used of.

I cannot remember Where I have posted and where I have not. I cannot seem to find anything. I had asked about avatars and signatures and HOW to activate them for myself. I have also posted somewhere else and have no clue of where I posted about my cat having worms, etc and so on.

Thanks for your help and if there is any links or pages I can go to, let me know.

Thanks for your time and patience.
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Yes, some features are temporarily disabled, such as the Search function. We are currently switching servers and in order to keep the load down so we can keep the forums up during the transition, some of the most popular (and resource hogging ) features have been disabled. The email function has also been temporarily disabled. Hopefully the switch will be completed soon and these functions will be restored.
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It is going to take some time before we actually move. This website is massive. We just ask for your patience please, and Deb will announce in several forums once the move has been completed. It is going slowly because last time we moved, we crashed big time and we do not wish for that to happen.
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