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Hi Friends,

My cat Lucy, is around 3 weeks pregnant (I know this as I saw her mating). When will she start to 'show' ? She is sleeping more, and eating more, is this normal? and are the kittens more likely to be like the mum or dad (IE colours/markings)when they are born?

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I'm not sure, but I think they start to "show" at around 5 weeks. I'm not sure about who they'll look like.
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About 5 weeks is right, perhaps 6, BUT at 21 days after conception their nipples should be a pink and fuller than normal. As for colour.... it could very well be that they will not look like either, but look like the grandparents... colour genetics can be a little complicated at times. What colours are the parents?

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Hi Ken,

She is about 3.5 weeks now, her belly is beginning to swell already, and her nipples are definately more pink than they are normally. Im taking her to the vet next tuesday, to get the pregnancy confirmed, although Im very sure she is expecting. Hopefully the vet will be able to tell how many she's carrying, as she will be 4 weeks PG by then.

The father cat 'Beanie Boy' is black & white, and the Mother cat 'Lucy' is a silver tabby, shes not a pedigree, and has traces of ginger flecks in her fur.

Denise xx
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