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Need Advice...

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What does a ringworm look like and how do you treat it?

Leighia has a small place on her neck that I thought was just from her and Angel or Pete rough housing, but it isn't clearing up with antibiotic ointment. Mom suggested that she might have a ringworm.

Is that sort of thing prevelant in cats? I have had cats for a while and never seen one yet.

Any help appreciated.
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Its very common in cats with a weak immune system (kittens & elderly cats). Its highly transmittable to humans as well. It will appear as dry flaky skin (almost scaly). It will glow bright green (or blue can't remember) under a black light. It's usually treated with a topical anti-fungal and a lyme dip bath (pretty much sulfur). Unfortunately it can be hard to get rid of because the spores can get in the air and you pretty much have to clean everything during treatment to keep the cat from getting reinfected/spreading.

I went through this with my kittens. The major thing is to practice good hygeine at all times. Wash you hands constantly. If you touch the area, don't touch anywhere else until you wash your hands. Fortunately ringworm in humans is VERY easy to treat with a topical ointment a couple times a day.
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Well, that doesn't sound like what Leighia has.

Her spot is round and red and she has licked the hair off until it bleeds. You know, like a dog will keep licking at a wound? But when she wouldn't leave it alone, I cut an old sock in half and put it on her neck after I doctored it. After a couple of days treatment, it was looking better but then I felt sorry for her and took the sock off for the day while I was a work and she had it bleeding again when I got home.

Any ideas?
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Take her to the vet and have the vet give it a look see.
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