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Hi There!

My name is Denise, and I live in England. I have a silver tabby cat called Lucy, who I believe is around 3 weeks pregnant, and due to kitten at the end of April. I am also busy Mum to 4 little children!

Hello all!

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Hi, welcome to the site! Are you breeding your cat or did it just happen. I wish I could have a kitten but I'm maxed out at 3! My name is Sabra and I'm from Houston, Texas. What part of England are you from? We have a couple of British members here.
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Im afraid it just happened. She escaped! It was very hard trying to keep her indoors, but shes fine, and seems to be coping well, I cant wait to be a Mummy again!

Im in East Sussex, England
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Neesey - Hello to you from 'across the pond'.

I hope that your momma has healthy and happy fur babes, and that you can find good homes for all of them. I have had a feral mom who has brought me 2 litters totaling 10 kits - it was hard, as I am very picky who an animal goes to. But they are all on good homes. Momma is now trapped and going to be fixed. Keep us posted on her progress!
Deb M.
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Welcome to you and your furbabies! Hopefully everything goes well with the birth. Keep us updated & post pics!
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Welcome to you and your kitties Hope you manage to find good masters for each of them.

The female cat I owned before once had a litter of 4 and though it was work to take care of them before they could ever be in age to be given to new owners, it was extraordinary to see how the mother took good care of them.

And they were so cute ! I kept a photo of the mother feeding her small family in a box

Keep us informed
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Welcome to TCS and good luck with your new litter of kittens. I hope you are able to find good homes for them, and that once your momma kitty gets fixed she lives a long and happy life with you! Post some pictures too for us to see!!!
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I did try and post a picture of my cat, but it was too big, so I will have to try again another time.

Thanks for all your lovely welcome's, I feel at home already.

Greetings from the UK!!

Denise xx:tounge2:
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