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Shocked but Pleased too....

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My landlord was over here with her son yesterday doing some repairs (finally) and I had the front door open. Tiger goes in and out and Lily is too scared to come withen 10 feet of the great outdoors so I wasn't worried. Well I was standing outside talking to the landlord when this cute little tabby with white paws just strolled up and walked in the house. I just giggled and figured it was one of Tigers friends. About 5 mins later my landlord and I walked back in the house and the tabby was just chowing down. She looked down and said " That's your kitten's momma" meaning Lily. I was a bit shocked because I was told she was either VERY sick or she had died and that's why the neighbor was going to "dump" Lily and her littermates. Well, from what I seen, she was not sick at all and definatly NOT dead. I got a bit angry at first because how could someone take the babies away from thier mother so early?!..But on the other hand, I am happy she is doing ok and Lily is healthy and doing good. Obviously Lily knew who the tabby was and immediatly went up to her and started meowing and the tabby starting bathing Lily.. It was a happy reunion for them although it only lasted a few minutes because the second the landlords son started the saw, she bolted!
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Thats so sweet that Lily remembered her mom (and visa versa).

But it makes me mad , that your neighbour lied in the first place, and put the kitties health in jeopardy by placing them too young.

You should have got a picture of Lily and her momma!
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I wish I could have, but Im positive she will be back because she hangs out with Tiger alot...

Yeah Im upset they lied too. But at least ALL the babies got good homes instead of with that dreaded lady. I also found out that Lily and her siblings were actually born under MY house!
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Sounds like she needs a new owner. And she already seems to like your place, and gets along with your cats......
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Awww. I bet that was wonderful to see!
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