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Just wondering if anyone else's cat has a favorite blanket?

I have a fleece blanket that my cat, Cosmo, has claimed it as his own. He kneads the blanket like he's milking it. I've heard about dogs doing this, but never cats.

Is this behavior something he will out grow?
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Mine all have their fav spots that they claim as their own. And Ripley has claimed my bed covers. They are HIS in no uncertain terms.....OK except for the small corner that he gives Noodles by Dad's feet!
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both our cats love the fleece blankets.....we put them over their beds and they just love em! on each sofa we have folded blankets which they cuddle up on. They are just the most adorable babies!!!!!:tounge2: :pinky:
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their favorite blankets are all the ones on my bed... in my closet, in the guestrooms, etc..... Any fluffy CLEAN blanket - god forbid someone else has been using it - EH!:tounge2:
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Trent had a favorite blanket, black fleece, but it got lost in the move last year. I got a "couch potatoe" thing that is also fleece, and Ophelia claimed that as hers really quick. I've washed it a couple times and she has a hissy fit looking for it and giving me death looks like "What did you do with MY blankie?!?!?"

One time I brought out a "guest" blanket that is really soft and fuzzy...well it is permanently on my side of the bed now. No matter how hot it gets, I have to sleep under that blanket so they can sleep with me at night on the blue blanket. And I get the same reaction from both of them when I wash that one, too. :tounge2:
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