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Bad Kitty!

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Lily is being bad this morning! Im sitting here reading the board and eating a bowl of oatmeal. She keeps climbing up and trying to eat it......I put her on the floor, she climbed back up, I put her on the floor, she climbs back up... Finally after about 6 times she gives up and goes to see the boys... she KNOWS they WILL let her have some .... now I have to stop them from letting her have it
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hehehehe sounds like she's got them wrapped around her paws!
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It's not often i have cereal because i'm a toast person, but whenever i've poured some muesli in the bowl, and even before any milk has went on it, Rosie and Sophie would nibble on it
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I know she's still a baby and still learning what she can/can't do but she is a persistant lil thing!
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Bless her! She really is persistent, isn't she?!!
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Bad Kitty! bad kitty ....behave yourself and Obey to Mommie!

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I like Honey Bunches of Oats and Ari likes to nibble a few of the flakes! We, too, have discussions of whose breakfast is whose...
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Our little feline friends sure can be persistent! Gracie's my oatmeal fanantic.
She'll stand in front of the microwave waiting for it to heat up, then bug me the whole time I'm eating it! Her favorite is maple and brown sugar.
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Harley is that way too....excpet he's that way with EVERYTHING I eat...especially roast and chicken!

Maybe I should stop giving in to him, haha!
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Me and Pushkin routinely eat breakfast together. He's a big fan of wheat puffs, so I always flick a couple across the table for him to chase!
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