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Can a mother cat get mastitis like humans? Our new mum has two very red and raw area's around the two lowest nipples, the kitten that has claimed them as his own, hasn't been suckling at the times I have gone into check on them, although he is still gaining weight, could it be an infection or just a rash? Is there anything I can put on it that won't harm the kittens?
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check out this link

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phew, not mastitis, an infection around the site of the c-section so all is well in our busy household, for anyone wanting to see the 4 boys we have pics of them in the fur only section of the cat lounge
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An infection at the site of the c-section is still very serious and needs to be checked out immediately! She should be fine with antibiotics but if it goes untreated she could develop sepsis in her abdomen which is very, very bad.
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Yeah she still needs to see a vet, that could be very dangerous.
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already seen the vet and hes treated her (gave her antibiotic) and says that it's ok...gave her another shot of antibiotics, told us to bathe it and give her a break fromt he kittens twice a day...
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