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Chewing and Nibbling?

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Willow is approximately six months old and has been neutered for a week now. In the past few days, he has taken to biting and nibbling the furniture, cat tree, pillows etc.

He will nip onto it and then pull away from it.

I was just wondering if anyone knew why he could be doing this?! Is this normal kitten behaviour?
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Alfie does this when he's playing sometimes, he'll burst into the room like a baby horse, grab the duvet cover, bite it, then run out as if the devil's on his heels

He also has a thing for chewing the tail on his big mouse, it's rope and I think it's more of a teething thing. Haven't got a clue why he bites cardboard though, just enjoys making a mess I think!
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Alfie's a funny thing, isn't he?! as is Willow!

I was wondering if it could be the teething thing?!! I'm not sure what age they get their adult teeth?!!

I do think that Alfie just enjoys watching you clean up his cardboard mess!
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He's a little toad alright! He sits in his box watching me pick up all the little bits, then starts ripping it up again!

I think it's around 6 months that they get adult teeth, I found a baby kitten tooth on the carpet the other day! I'm sure some of it's teething, but some of it's just kitten behaviour! Can you imagine Willow and Alfie together, they'd destroy a house between them!
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Yep, Alfie's doing it for the entertainment value - at your expense!

Yeah, I had a feeling it was around six months, but I wasn't sure - I've forgotten that stage even though Tibby and Molly went through it at the same time!

You actually found a tooth!! Wow, I'm going to keep a look out now then!! They are probably nibbling and biting to help get the kitten teeth out?!

Oh my, can you imagine a home with Willow and Alfie?!!
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i'm so jealous you found a tooth

i looked everywhere when mine were teething but no luck
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I thought it was a claw at first, but it's a proper big front tooth!

I've been looking but I can't see which kitten it came from
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It was one of their canines?!! That's so cool! I keep checking Willow's mouth to see if he's lost any! Then I will hunt round the floor 'til I find it!!
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