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Bent tail?

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Recently I've noticed my cat of 12 years has a bent tail. The bend itself doesn't seem to be causing him any pain as I've run my hand down it and have seen him jump and brush his tail against furniture. The bend is almost half way down the tail and hangs downwards.

There doesn't seem to be any wounds or fur missing from the area and the hanging part of the tail is very limp. It appears as though the tail is broken.

Any ideas?

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Sorry, I don't know what to suggest!

Has his tail always been like that or is it a recent thing?! Could your kitty have had an accident somewhere to cause this?!

Maybe it would be a good idea to visit the vet and see if they can shed some light on it?! It might be something to do with age?!

Sorry I've not been very helpful! I hope that some will come along soon and give you some advice!

By the way, Welcome to TCS! I hope you'll be staying around! Why not introduce yourself and your kitty in the New Cats on the Block forum!

I hope you'll be sticking around and I look forward to getting to know you!
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My kitten has a bend in her tail like that too, but it never seemed to bother her and her father's was the same way. Maybe it is natural?
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Your cat has had some sort of trauma to his tail that has caused a nerve injury. Make an appointment with the vet.

Some cats are born with kinked tails and it is normal for them, but it is not normal for a previously straight tail to droop all of a sudden. It is rarely particularly serious or very painful (cats have relatively few nerve endings in their tails), but it does call for a vet visit.
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I agree with semiferal. It sounds like your cat has had an injury. My friend's cat broke it's tail. The vet said they couldn't do anything for it other than let it heal. But I wonder if there was a previous injury that didn't heal correctly and this is the result? Take a trip to your vet to be safe.
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It's also possible that some sort of arthritis may develop in the area, so a vet visit would be recommend as they can check for that.
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