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fed up mama cat

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I have 5 kittens who are 14 weeks old. I still see them trying to nurse on mama (April) but she bites them and swats them away. I understand that they should probably not still be nursing and she's tired. Will she hurt them with this behavior?
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No, but getting her spayed will stop her milk production and she will thank you for it more than likely. She is driving them off of her, as well she should at that age, they should not be nursing anymore. It is very draining for her to continue to nurse.
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She won't seriously hurt them. 14 weeks is the age when you get a bit of a battle of wills - the kittens still want to nurse a bit and Mom is sick of it!

Thsi is definitely the time to get everyone spayed and neutered if you have not done so already!
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Like I read in a previous thread,those kittens would suck her dry forever. I kept 3 from a litter of 5 and they were trying to nurse until they were nearly 1y. Momma let them know swiftly that they needed to stop it.
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