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Daily Thread Friday 03/08

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Hey all!!
Figured I would say hello this fine morning. I have today off since we are heading to NY around noon for a cat show and our annual awards banquet. I am off today and I was up at 545...Doesnt that just figure!! We have everyone bathed, everything packed and all we have to do is pack the car. So I am thrilled that I get to relax and take it easy this morning. Everyone is still sleeping so I get to sit and enjoy a few cups of coffee in peace and quiet.
We are all very excited about this weekend. I have 5 cats getting awards somewhere in the top 20 for national or regional. We have 3 Munchkins getting awards and 2 of my domestics are getting an award. Saturday night we will get all dressed up for dinner, the awards and then dancing. I will have to take pictures to share with everyone when we get home. I couldn't ask for a better weekend so far. I have EZ pass for the tolls, I have new brakes and tires on the car for a safe trip and I get to spend the weekend with my lil' girl, Ken, the cats and my friends
I hope everyone else has a wonderful weekend!!!!
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Good day! I hope that everyone is having a good morning. I am almost headache free today (I have had one since last Saturday) so the day is good! It is supposed to get quite warm here today (13 degress Celcius approximately 54 degrees F). My hubby is going to pick up a chicken tonight to put in the smoker tomorrow. My hubby is a wiz with smoking meat. He will smoke the chicken with an apple wood for about 4-5 hrs and it will be so tender it will just fall off the bone. i acan't wait. My trainee isn't in until 11:30 today, so I get to be on the computer until then - Yeah!
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the birds are chirping their little hearts out, but it's a gray kind of day. At least, there's no real sun yet. Dallas must be at the west side of the Central time zone, because I remember the sun being up by 7:00 in New England - around 5 a.m. in the summer - but here it seems like I am often up before the sun, even if I think I slept in . . .

My daughter is still asleep. I know she would ordinarily be in school by now, but we didn't finish registration yesterday. I didn't have her shot record (I know I have it somewhere, but for the life of me I can't find it) and they want proof of residency. They will accept 2 things, a utility bill (by which they mean TXU, which supplies electric & water, a phone bill isn't enough) or a lease with her name on it. Now, think about that, what 5 year old signs a lease? But I guess the people in the rental office know what I'm talking about, at least, they didn't seem surprised. I'm pretty aggravated with them, tho', their corporate people are there this week and using the records room as an office. So the local folks won't go in there, which means they won't pull my least and make a copy for me. I'm aggravated enough to go down there and be loud with corporate right there and get some service! But Jim says he'll take care of it on his way to work.

Speaking of Jim, he wants to come over and watch a favorite show of ours tonight. I know it's just that he has no tv where he's staying right now, but he spent as much time with me and actually talked to me before he left, as he has since moving out, I wonder if we would be split up now . . . I guess absence really does make the heart grow fonder. Not that I have any hopes, it's been too much pain for me to even open myself up for again. He would have to make a BIG effort, and I don't think he's that motivated.

At least, the endocriniologist called yesterday. I thought my appointment was the 28th, but it's Monday! I need to call them back in a minute or two and give them insurance info, but I'm pretty excited right now.
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Woke up to snow on the ground! My friend called me last night, she lives in Corvalis and they had snow too. It is really unusual for this neck of the woods. Racer is full of himself, right now as I look out the window I watch him doing laps around the pasture. He loves it when it gets so cold, all he wants to do is race the wind, hence his name!

Only two more math classes left. Our final is going to consist of the teachers buying the entire class pizza and seeing if we can divide it equally among ourselves! LOL That type of fractions, I *can* do! I have made some new friends there in the class and since the class is tough, I will be seeing a few of them again, as like me they re-take it to pass all the credits.

Well I need to go feed goofy gus so will check in later. Take care everyone have a safe and peaceful Friday.

Adymarie I know all about those type of headaches. I wish I could do something to stop them for you.

Sunlion, you take care of yourself as well. Good luck at the doctor's! And Sandie, have fun at the show awards dinner! ( I meant) no coffee this morning.....
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Snow! Wish we had some over here! We're having a heat wave - I've actually had to turn on the AC today...

Thank you all for your well wishes from yesterday's DT. I've decided to try and visit everyday at least to check out the DT and keep in touch. I feel so guilty for not spending any time on the forums, but sometimes the day just flies by and I don't have a moment for myself. Right now Ron is asleep with hubby, so hopefully I will have some time alone at last. He is a good baby and I am not complaining one bit. Last night he actually slept for 6 hours at a row! That is awfully good for such a young baby and we're very pleased. He is very calm and happy and almost never cries and it a lot of fun to be with. I guess most of it is sheer luck (or genes ), but at least partly I have to give credit to the attachment parenting style we are practicing. Ron is never left alone he is either being held, carried in a sling or sleeping in bed with us. It is demanding but has it rewards in a peaceful baby and a full night's sleep.

During the day, I try to leave him with my mother-in-law for at least an hour or two, so I can do some of the more urgent stuff I need to take care of. I wasn't going to get back to work so quickly, but it's not really up to me people keep calling me with behavior problems and I do my best to cosult them on the phone. Obviously it's not always enough, so this week I'll be going out on house calls again. Those poor kitties need help and I am happy to be one who often saves them from being abandoned or put to sleep. Looks like with all the media attention, I won't be short of clients too. I've been interviewed for a local newspaper and another journalist is coming this Sunday to interview me for another paper. Next Sunday they are going to film one of my therapy sessions for the children's channel. It should be realy fun - as part of the story, they want me to go with the children (of the family that owns the cat) to the zoon, where I will be explaining to them about wild cats and how they relate to their kitten I will be taking hubby and Ron along, as it will probably take the whole day and I will need to breastfeed along the day. I hope it won't me too much for Ron.

Wow! finally a long post But I must go now and work some more on the site. Maintaining this website and my Hebrew website is another task which needs to be taken care of.
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Thanks for the thought Hissy, it is appreciated.
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Hello everyone! Its FRIDAY!!!! Yeah!! It is SO nice here today...it is suppossed to be near 60 degrees. I am going to see A Beautiful Mind tonight with hubby. It is extra credit for my psychology class and all I have to do is write a paper on it. I hope everyone has a good weekend.
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I am on cloud 9 right now! Daniela was right about the IRS only making electronic deposits on Fridays because mine was in the bank this morning. There was one problem though - it was $300 more than what I had calculated on my forms. I figured, I better call the IRS to check on this because I don't want to spend it and latter have the IRS telling me there was a mistake and I owe them money. So, I call the IRS here from work to see if I would be on hold for more than 15 minutes; if I was, I was going to hang up and call during my lunch. Well someone picked up fairly quick (probably ten minutes). Well, I'm on the phone with them and the phone starts ringing like crazy, so I told him "I'm sorry, I'm going to have to call back later. I thought I could do this from work but my phones are ringing." This wonderful IRS man said "No problem, just answer your phones because I have to pull up your account and look at it anways." This man was an absolute angel, which shocked me it being the IRS and all. Turn out I had qualified for the income tax credit last year but they never sent me a check so they added it to my refund! I am so ecstatic right now!

I hope everyone has a wonderful Friday and a wonderful weekend. I was really good to here from you Anne, I know a lot of us worry if you are okay. Sounds like everyone is having a pretty good day. Allison, I'm so glad you are getting to go to the endocrinologist earlier than expected and I hope you get all your concerns addressed.
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I woke up this morning to snow! Actually, the weather man has been predicting it since Wednesday that it was going to snow around midnight on thursday. It is still snowing but not as much.

Yesterday the Paraolympics started. They didn't put the openning ceremony on T.V. and they are not making a big deal about it like they did with the Olympics. But I really wanted to watch it as it is as important as the Olympics.

Yesterday, I spent $40 bucks at Sears on my kids' clothes! They are having a sale. The clothing are marked 10% to 75% off and I spent my money ont the 75%! Cute clothes too. One shirt was $.99 and some others were like $2.75. The most expenisve was a Wilsons sweater and pant suit that cost $7.49! Quite a bargain! So if any of you are interested, go to Sears and go to the clearance racks!

Anne, I pray that peace will eventually come to your country! I hope you and your family is safe.
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Well, today has been a very strange day. The kids and I got up and out early because I had a doctor's appt at 8:30 about my ear. It's still infected so I got a new prescription for antibiotics and a new decongestant. The dr gave me 5 days worth of samples of the antibiotic, which is a broad spectrum antibiotic like the one prescribed for anthrax.

When we got home, I took one of the antibiotics, and within 5 mintues, I was swelling with hives. It was awful. I've had this type of reaction before to other things but never an antibiotic. So I got to go to the ER to get a shot to counter act my reaction. Also I got some more new prescriptions for the swelling. I hate this allergy - it's so wierd. Sometimes my insides even swell, which is gross. Anyway, today my eyes, hands, and feet swelled. I had hives all over, and my feet, palms, legs and arms were bright red.

I'm going to take a nap! All of this is wearing me out!
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Oh, Dawn you poor thing! I hope you get to feeling better real soon. I guess they had to give you a different antibiotic? I have never had any severe allergic reaction in my life and I can't imagine how you felt, though it sounds horrible. The only thing I am allergic to is mosquitos and certain pollen.
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Thanks Sabra. It was awful. The worst part is that I never know what part of me will swell, and I could feel the hives in my throat. I probably would have been ok without the ER, but you never know with that kind of thing. I've had an epi pin prescribed so many times, but I've never gotten it filled. I actually would have used it today.

What's worse is the doctor said this morning that my ear is still not better and that if it's not ok in 10 days, I have to go to a specialist. Not what I wanted to hear.

Regardless, I'm still going out with my friends tonight. I need a break from home now even more than before. I guess I better not drink beer though. Bummer.
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Hey Dawn, I get hives too. But only on my feet. I've been getting them for years and I've spoken to the doctor about them, but they seem to think we will never discover the cause! I know its an allergic reaction, but we've never been able to figure out to what. Nothing particular, and every time I get one I look at what I've eaten etc, and nothing is ever the same! Its really strange, I can go months without getting them ,and then all of a sudden I'll get them every day for a week or something!! Never anywhere on me but my feet though.

The doctors never seemed concerned since they are only on my feet, but I wanted to say I completely understand how frustrating they are. I cannot even put on my shoes when I get them.
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