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Serenity's BooBoo

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My little baby has had quite the day. Serenity started doing her I can reach that light fixture routine, where she jumps as high as possible repeatedly trying to reach the light fixture over the dresser. Looking up, I noticed something red smeared on the dresser.

I jumped up and there were little red paw prints on the carpet.Cradling Serenity in my arms to investigate, I first saw blood on her behind, my first thought being vaginal or rectal bleeding (who wants to see Stephanie completely freak out? ) Then, upon closer examination, found that it was her back right paw that was bleeding. She must have somehow caught it on the light fixture or one of the things holding the mirror on the wall. She has a little tear on her paw and a below it proximally. With pressure applied, the bleeding promptly stopped. She was not at all pleased with the cleaning process, but was still as active as ever. She was not acting at all uncomfortable, in fact, I was striving to get her to stop playing to stay off of it!

I'm so thankful we have our wonderful Vet.now! You remember how amazing he was with Sierra for her exam, and he gives this same warm, thorough care to Serenity! He said a cut like this on the paw is rather unusual for a cat. Well, leave it to Serenity!

Serenity was sedated with the same reversible medication Sierra received for her visit, and, like her big sister, Serenity vomited, a normal possible side effect for which her Dr. was sure to forewarn me, and she also received gas during the procedure to ensure she did not experience pain. They were so great to allow me to stay with Serenity during the entire process, making all the difference to both of us. This way, I was able to whisper in her sweet little ear and tell her what a brave girl she was being and that everything was going to be ok. She received 6 stitches to her poor little paw. Every time the needle went in her skin, I felt it jab through my heart. It's remarkable how much easier it is to see that happen to someone else's baby. While she was sedated, she was also given her rabies vaccine and an analgesic shot which should provide pain relieve for 24 hours.

She was given the medication to reverse the sedative, and adm. Oxygen as she regained consciousness, and wrapped in a warm towel. Her Dr. held her for the first couple of minutes, what wonderful, personal care, after which she rested in my arms. The moment she was out of my arms, all she wanted to do was lick her paw, therefore, Serenity now has a very fashionable purple bandage! Her Dr. sent us home stocked with plenty of bandage and tape for changing her dressing Wed. She will be getting an antibiotic twice a day, and if she is feeling pain tomorrow, her Dr. will provide pain medication.

As soon as we arrived home, Serenity was ready for her dinner! She proceeded to eat her own and some of Sierra's, as well! Sierra knows she's not feeling well and is being especially tolerant of her little sister. Serenity's so cute walking around! She's holding her leg up in the air and shaking it as she walks on her other three paws! She's still wanting to play and has jumped up on the cabinet and table several times, my attempts to keep her off her paw being rather futile. Now that I'm here on the bed, she is sleeping snuggled up on my chest in her usual spot, and Sierra is at my head. Poor little paw, I wish it had been my foot and not hers. Wish I could take it away, poor baby.

Serenity is so cute the way she's sitting with her little leg stuck out!

So sleepy after her rough day!

If you'd like, Serenity is showing off more pics of her new fashion statement in Fur Pics

Off to cuddle my precious baby girls.
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Steph, I was wondering how your precious girl was doing. Serenity, you're such a brave girl! I'm glad her boo boo is on it's way to healing. If she anything like my nieces cat when he had on his cast...watch out!

Give her for me.
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Awww, poor girl. I'm glad she's ok, though!

How old is she now? I know she's about Lola's age...they're getting so big! (Well, big in relation to how tiny they were...my Lola is a little Thumbelina, but she always has been). Our girls would be good friends...they seem to always be magnets for trouble!

Please feel better soon, Serenity!
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ohhhh poor Serenity...I'm glad to hear shes feeling better...Many hugs to her and to a speedy recovery...what a brave little baby Take Care and Best of Luck..Many, Many hugs
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Aww, I love your Serenity, so glad to hear it was nothing to cause permanent damage. Can't wait to see pictures! Get well Vibes to Serenity, from me and Marlee! And a kitty scratch to Sierra as well!
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Brave girl, Serenity! Stay off that leg now and cuddle with your Mommy and Sierra!
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Poor little Serenity! You must have had quite a day, Stephanie.

Thank goodness you noticed the problem immediately and that you had a GOOD veterinarian to take her to.

Please feel better soon, little Serenity. I know you're happy to be home and snuggling with your mom and big sister tonight.
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Thank goodness little cutie serenity is okay*hugs*... Kisses and scritches to her and big sis Sierra also and hugs also to you meowma stephanie
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Steph, I hope Serenity's boo boo heals quickly. I'm glad you have such a wonderful vet for your sweet girls.
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Thank you so much, you guys for caring about my sweet little girl! Serenity weighed 6.4 lbs today! Can you believe how much she's grown! She is 21 weeks old today. Thank you so much for asking, and yes, she and Lola would be wonderful friends! Serenity is on strict orders to rest, though, so only gentle play allowed for now!
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Originally Posted by SnowLeop
you have such a GOOD veterinarian
You have such a wonderful vet for your sweet girls.
Some of you guys have asked about our phenominal Dr. who has made such a difference in our lives. I trust the care of my precious loves to Dr. Todd Worrell, DVM at Pet Docks Veterinary Hospital in Morehead City, NC! If only we could thank him enough!
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I would love to see some pics of Serenity... sounds like she's growing like a weed! A beautiful one!
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Here is a photo of my gorgeous baby taken last week. We will be updating her Fur Pics thread soon!

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Well! That was quite the eventful day!! I'm glad Serenity is OK, and feeling quite well enough to play, thank you -- even if that is a bit of a trial for Mum!
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Oh sweet Serenity please be gentle
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Hmmm....someone needs to tell Serenity the definition of her name! I can't believe she needed stitches

Your vet does indeed sound wonderful, I'm glad all went well. She certainly is growing up to be one stunning girl...lovely new photo of her

Thanks for letting me know about this thread, I've only had a moment to drop into the forum all day!
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Originally Posted by Pat & Alix
Hmmm....someone needs to tell Serenity the definition of her name! I can't believe she needed stitches


I am so glad things went well. he first two days she will hurdle with some moodiness and bumpy times and then healing will just kick in very quickly!
She does have an impish side, doesn't she! Thank you for your txt so her cousins out here would be in the know asap!
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Awww Serenity, I'm so happy to hear that your Vet took such great care of you - but then it's no surprise your Mommy was so careful who she chose.

Big hugs and kisses to you - I hope your poor paw feels better soon. No more wall climbing adventures now
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Awwwww the poor baby!! Stephanie i can only imagine the fright you got

Serenity you brave little girl for mummy

Stephanie kiss her little paw pad from me and the girls
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Awww poor Serenity. Oh gosh Stephanie - I can't believe how much she has grown!

She is absolutely beautiful!
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Awwww, poor baby!

I was lucky that you noticed in time, Stephanie, and had an excellent vet to visit! My goodness, hasn't Serenity grown?!!

Serenity, you silly billy! Now you stop jumping and get that paw better!

Kisses to Serenity and of course big sister, Sierra!
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Originally Posted by captiva
Brave girl, Serenity! Stay off that leg now and cuddle with your Mommy and Sierra!
I second that

your such a brave little girl Serenity
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Oh trust Serenity to do something daft to herself - poor little sweetie - I'm so glad she's ok
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Thats so sad thank goodness shes ok please tell "Serenity" I hope she fills better soon sending healing vibe's your way

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Awwwww! 6 stitches, you poor sweet little baby! Mind sure you mind your Meowmy and your big sister Sierra and I hope you feel better soon!
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What a brave girl! I suppose we must all get into these `scrapes' as part of growing up - and hasn't she grown so much! Lucky she's got such a loving meowmy and big sister to take care of her - was Sierra concerned for her? I bet she is very solicitous and watchful of her little sister - especially with that big bandage!

Sending lots of scritches and belly rubs to little Serenity and of course some for sweet Sierra too!
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Good grief...6 stitches? Serenity really did a number on herself.
You have found a really caring vet for your sweet girls.
Serenity is as cute as can be with her little paw all wrapped up.
Hugs to Sierra & Serenity.
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Feel better soon, sweet Serenity!
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Aw so glad all is well. Sounds like you have one keeper of a vet. We have a vet like that and it give us so much peace of mind. I understand exactly how you feel.
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I´m so sorry to heard that about the lovely Senerity Dear Sthephanie......
Poor little baby!!! ....Now little one, behave yourself and obey to Mommie! ...

My best wishes to her for a soon recovery my dear! ...Talk to you soon!
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