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kitten question

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I have 3 kittens delivered by c section Oct 6 th. they were 1 week to 10 days premature. All are doing great I am happy to say....My question is simple...how do I gauge thier devolpment? Should I conciter the fact they were born a week early or should I think of them as 4 week kittens. I ask this as I am not sure about introducing soft food to thier diet
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www.kitten-rescue.com has a section on premature kittens Thank you for rescuing these fragile beings- best of luck with them!
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thankyou..I see we have normal 4 week kittens....all sleeping in a kitten ball....lmao
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In general I would just look for them to make steady progress in their development. Even kittens born full term have a range of normal times to hit milestones. You can certainly introduce canned kitten food but they might not be interested until 6 weeks old and this would still be normal.
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