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Ann, I didn't see a thread started for this and though the day is nearly over I thought that I would because of your suggestion to bring the matter up in the daily thread.

I am asking those that have access to a fax to please fax UPN news in Sacramento regarding this (I can't access a fax at work, so I desperately need someone to do it for me). The number is (916) 921-3050. Feel free to use this as a guide, but please, write it in your own words so that it won't appear as if everyone is sending the exact same fax. There's only 36 hours left where we can make a difference, so please help.


I am faxing you regarding a very newsworthy story that I feel needs to be brought to the attention of the public and, in doing so, then perhaps justice can be served.

An off-duty Juvenile Parole Officer illegally trespassed onto the private property of Denice Baltrons and began an unprovoked attack on her cat, Max who was residing on his home property. This man, Mr. James Lacey, Sr., beat Max to death with a golf club and then, as if that weren't enough, picked up a rock and smashed the already injured cats head in. Mr. Lacey was witnessed by neighbors of his brutality and he was subsequently arrested for his horrendous crime.
However, the witness information contained within the
police report was conveniently erased and an opposite
description of the assailant was apparently written in
it's place to throw the blame from "one of their own".
The weapon was also signed out and returned to Mr. Lacey when it should have remained in police evidence for use at the hearing into this crime in court room 8 at the Sacramento Court House on Wednesday, March 14th. It seems that there is a concious effort to shield evidence by the police in this crime and to throw the blame away from Mr. Lacey, the accused by eye-witness accounts.

A memorial serice is being held for Max the cat in front of the court house at 9:30 am Wednesday, March 14th before the hearing. I believe that it would be very negligent were this story not brought into the publics homes, because justice needs to be served. And, does anyone really want a man that committed such a horrible act to be responsible for our children as a Juvenile Parole Officer?

Please call/email me back ASAP concerning this, for I fear
this story won't be given the time it deserves and it is one that desperately needs to be told.