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We have a pretty site!

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Once or twice lately I've had a look around at some other forums, because this one is so much fun, and mostly I've noticed that they look like those old dos formats, or are just really boring looking with no order or rhyme or reason.

And I was thinking, we have such a pretty site here. Not only with our smilies and our different colours and fonts, but all the lovely photos and siggies (not to mention Hope's works of art!) and it's really a pleasure not only to come here and chat with friends, but experience the rich visual feast of TCS as well!!

I know it's this that drives the admin team wild sometimes but thanks to them we have a lovely site to look at as well as take part in!!

Thanks!! This place rocks!
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I agree.
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It's so nice to get positive feedback - thanks so much.

This is a really awesome site IMO and I'm proud to be part of it.
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I agree. I've never belong to a forum that had all these pretty siggy's!
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I also agree. I have belonged to other sites, but they are not like this one!
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Well, I belong to a couple of other forums that are purely practical stuff, so they wouldn't be expected to be attractive or fun. But I've never felt any inclination to even look at other cat forums, this one has been such a good and rich experience. It sure is nice to see that positive feedback from other members, too.
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