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Looking for info & sites

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Hi folks, We finally made it back here. At the present I am trying to help my long time family friend find info on Scottish Folds. She told me she's found a few sites, but wants to make sure the info is really reliable since her cousin wants it. Any Suggestions where to find it?

My two fur babies are having birthdays this month - Mony is 12 and Oreo is 7. They will be having a special party just for them (it also gives the family a reason to get together)

Thanks for the help.
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Well, if you want just general info on the breed the best place to get info is an association web page. I would look at the Cat Fanciers association or The International Cat Association. I am almost sure Cat Faciers Federation may even have some info on them.
If you want info on breeders, the best and safest bet is to find breeders in driving distance. This way you can go see the cattery, look at the older cats and get a general idea of the personality and health of the cats.
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Try www.breedlist.com for breeders. While it is nice to have a breeder within driving distance, it is not always possible. Go with the breeder that is the best, not the closest (and if they are the same, well - lucky you!).
I love folds too!
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Go to http://home.earthlink.net/~starrpawzs/folds.html for some info on Scottish Folds. You can also vist http://www.homepet.com/scottish/scott-an.htm for some good Info on Scottish Folds.
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