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Pink Eye

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I just found out today that I have pink eye so I put my kittens in a boarding house until I get better but while I was there the lady said that it was just an old wise tale. So can kittens get pink eye?
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Um I don't think so. Different species cannot catch the same strain of the disease. Animals can get pink eye too but not from you. Did you really pay money to have your cats boarded without finding out for sure if it can cross between speices first? I always thought it was expensive to do that, plus the risk of putting your cats in danger of catching things from other cats. I would rather just put them in a seperate room with open windows or something.
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I've got a question on boarding: my cats will be boarded tomorrow from 9-5 due to my apartment spraying for bugs. It was pretty cheap ($8/cat). Has anyone had any bad experiences like cats catching diseases while boarded? I'm boarding them at a cat only vet office and have let them know my cats probably have feline herpes and that I was worried about them shedding the virus and possibly infecting other cats there. But now I'm concerned that one of the other cats there will be shedding something and that my cats will catch it! The vet is great and I think they're a pretty responsible facility, but I'm still a little paranoid.
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Well the place I boarded them in is the place I got them from and get the supplies from. I did go ahead and boarded them because I did want to risk it. The place I did iut at had no recorded of catching anything from the other pets because usually they don't have many pets boarding there. My kitten are in front away from other cats because the other cats are male and mine are girls. The only animals my girls are around are the parrots. So my advice to you is maybe you should read up on the place you put them.
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I had this same concern when both my boyfriend and I got pink eye this summer... it is NOT transferrable to cats. Really the only animal that can share the same strain of pink eye as humans are pigs (someone had a story of chronic pink eye while living on/next to a hog farm - no search feature means I can't find my thread on this same topic - if you're reading this, SPEAK UP! hahaha)... no need to board your cats.... Ollie sleeps RIGHT next to my face, paws me in the eyes every morning and he was a-okay..... I am VERY VERY prone to pink eye and have had it like a bajillion times and none of my animals have ever gotten it.... there are MANY different strains of pink eye - some viral, some bacterial.... if you're really that worried and still questioning it, give your vet a ring and they can reassure you over the phone
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