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Vacation Pics

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As promised, here are pics from the most super-duper romantic trip (to Blue Ridge, GA), ever.
This was a store we visited our first afternoon in town. Took this pic for my UK friends .

A lake we visited in Blue Ridge

Various inside cabin shots

Afternoon and evening views from the cabin

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Bradley set the timer and took this picture of us right after he proposed (I was dressed so raggedy b/c we had just been in the hot tub)

Some pics from the apple orchard

Can you see the V in the water? I took this picture from our train ride up to the GA/TN border. The "V" is actually an ancient fishing trap made by indians!

Bradley and I at dinner at a restaurant overlooking the Toccoa River

My little brother (who goes to college only 35 minutes away) spent Saturday afternoon with us at the cabin, celebrating the engagement.

And a couple of beautiful mountain shots to end things...

You can see my entire trip photo album here: http://
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wow, those are beautiful pictures!
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Awesome pictures!!! You guys look so happy together!!!
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Awww! It looks so amazing there! That just makes the proposal that much more romantic! And what a breathtaking view!
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Great pictures to go with such a great weekend! This was the perfect time of year to go. The leaves look so beautiful. Thanks for sharing your photos!
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Lovely vacation spot!
Looks like you guys had a great time.
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That last picture is stunning! What a pretty place
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Love the pics Amy!!! You've got a lot of beautiful nature pics inf your album too! I'm SO happy you guys had such an amazing time. What a wonderful way to start off an engagement!!!!!!
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Great pics Amy! Looks like you saw some wonderful Fall foliage!
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Looks like the perfect getaway!
And I know I've said it before, but Capn Bradley sure is one hot tamale! Now that I know he has such good taste in jewelry, he looks even hotter!
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Originally Posted by OllyExtra05
Looks like the perfect getaway!
And I know I've said it before, but Capn Bradley sure is one hot tamale! Now that I know he has such good taste in jewelry, he looks even hotter!

Thanks everyone . Our cabin turned out to be so much greater than we had imagined. What's neat is that any time we want to escape, we can book the exact same cabin where we became engaged .
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Great pictures! Y'all are such a cute couple, Congratulations! Now if I can nudge my bf in that direction.....
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Beautiful photos, Amy. Thank you for sharing!
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Lovely pictures, Amy. Thanks for sharing. I like the one with the ancient fishing trap -- how cool.
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Now THAT'S my kind of vacation! And what a perfect ending!
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Wow, what a beautiful place Amy!
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Beautiful pictures, Amy! Such a serene place, it must have been so wonderful for you both!

That's great that you can book the same cabin again - you could go there for anniversaries!
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great photos Amy! That last one looks really nice with the mountains in the background.
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Amy the whole place looks gorgeous!. What a perfect setting to ask for your hand in marriage!
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Stunning pictures, totally my idea of a great holiday!

Just think, in 50 years time you and Bradley can take the grandkids back to the place he proposed to you
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Great pictures! It looks like such a beautiful place and you two look so happy together! Thanks for sharing.
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That looks like the perfect setting for getting engaged!
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Those pictures are amazing! What a wonderful place to become engaged!!
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That looks like a pretty big cabin!!! Nice mountain views!!
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Absolutely great Pic´s dear Amy!! ....
congratulations for your nicely trip!!! ...
you and Brad believe me are a wonderful couple in the pics!!! ...

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