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how long is YOUR cat's tail?

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Okay, I got this idea from PushyLady's thread "tall tails", and if you haven't seen the pic, you really oughta check it out!! Anyway.... I decided to measure cat's tails (it's either that or back to mucking out the furnace room)... so far:
JC = 14-1/4", to the tip of the bone, he's got a bushy tail with a couple of more inches of fur, but wouldn't that be cheating a bit? BTW, he was insulted and refused to straighten his tail out all the way....he thinks I should have more class than this!
CINDY - 9" to the tip, she also resents being measured.
JOEY - is a manx-mix "rumpy", so he gets a "0", but he happy becuase his rumpy is a little "ringy-tail, the Expensive Kind, from the Quality Tail Shop" (as my nine-year old grandson tells him)
AMY & ANDY - the kittens are napping, so have to get them later.
How long are your cats' tails?
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my cats weren't really cooperating either so it's not very precise measurements.

Kinah's tail is 8"
Joshua's is 12 or 13"

I can't believe how small Kinah is. She's almost a year old and she's still so tiny!
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...I never thought about it!........Good Question......Let me check and I tell you later!.......
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Zoeys tail is about 8 inches her body nap to nap is 19 inches... Kandie is the same nap to nap but her tail is about 14 inches
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Wow, Kandie sounds like she has a gorgeous tail! Any chance of a pic?
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hmmm.....good question. Pandora is a manx mix, so her stub is about 1/4". I'll have to measure Sluggo. here kitty, kitty.......
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Lordy what a good question! I don't know - I know Sashka's tail is very long comparatively to her body, I think that's why she's such an agile girl, such a good climber and athlete.

Sunday's tail is pretty long, too, but it's ULTRA fluffy and she uses it like a fan - it's very expressive and we love it!

I'll have to measure them when I get home...
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It's not just me who thinks of these weird things then! My husband was most unimpressed when I asked him where the tape measure is so I can measure the cat's tails! I think it's all relative to body size. Wiggies is 13" and Pushy's is only 10.5" even though he's bigger, so Wiggies looks silly! But I was sure to tell them that the size doesn't really matter, it's what you do with it! Maybe that was why my husband looked so unimpressed.....
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At the age of 6 months, Ari's tail measured 14 inches - not including his hair.

Not sure about Topaz, but her's may be longer since I had to grab her by the tail to keep her from beating Ari up.
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None of my cats would let me get close enough to their butts. I can't blame them, I mean a tape measure with a level on it is a weird looking thing to put close to a cat's butt!

I can tell from sight however that Hammie has *the* longest tail. He's always had a weirdly long, straight tail. You could put a flag on it and see it above my house.

Dusty has the shortest tail; she's a short cat. Short neck, short torso, short legs, and a short, furry tail.

Snickers tail is a "Maine Coon" tail; it curls backwards & is bushy, I mean REALLY bushy! Not sure of the length, if I tried to touch his bum to measure his tail he would get mad... he doesn't like his bum touched!
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Lex has a looooooooooong tail! I'll try to take a pic of it. Long and thin... just like him!
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Originally Posted by marie-p
my cats weren't really cooperating either so it's not very precise measurements.
Cable & Java are both about 13.5" - Pixel won't keep hers still enough to measure!
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Zoe has an 11" tail and Miss Kitty has a 10" tail.
Zoe-zo is also about 3" shorter from nose-to-tail than Miss Kitty, too!! lol
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