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First Cat Show...

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I am taking my Kitty Vader to his First cat Show on march 10th 2002.
It is the Cat Fanciers of BC and I was just wondering if anyone knows what to expect at cat shows...I know nothing about them!
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Check the CFA website for loads of info in the shows..


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I am sure you will do very well! Let us know how it goes!
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I went to my first cat show about a month ago. It was great! I especially liked it when the judges would explain what they were looking for and why certain things were good. Most of the breeds were well represented too. I had such a good time, I went to another show a couple weeks later that was out of town.

I've always looked at the pictures of the different breeds online and it was fun to see how some were a little different than I imagined. Like, I knew Maine Coons were big, but wow! They are BIG! lol

I had kind of overlooked the Burmese when I looked at the different breeds on the net, but they were definitely one of my favorites. Their coats are fantastic and I loved how their owner could hand one to a complete stranger and the cat would purr like it was a person they'd known their whole life.

The Ocicats and Egyptian Mau were fascinating as well. They had such a wild look, although the Mau had a bit of a wild temper too. She was trying to pick fights with her neighbors so they had to put an empty cage on each side of her. What great eyes though!

Munchkins, LaPerms, and Siberians were about the only breeds I wanted to see that weren't there, so hopefully they will be at the next show.

I could go on and on, it was so awesome! You'll definitely have fun!
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I've decided that I'll enter him into the next cat show that comes around instead of this one, because I just noticed he has a few fleas and It's tomorrow. I am still going to go to it though, My aunt is especially looking forward to it because A local adoption place, C.A.R.E.S Is going to be there and she want to(hopefully) adopt a kitty! I am really looking forward to seeing all the other breeds of cats and experiencing a cat show!

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WOW! I didn't realize how big maine coons were! Neither did Tasha! I really loved the 2 Sphynx that were there! I want one now! Tasha really liked the maine coons. We also saw some really cute orientals and bengals, ragdolls and a reallllllly precious Persian with the most squished in Face There were soooooo many different breeds there, there was mostly maine coons and bengals
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Makes you want to go to another show next weekend, doesn't it?
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Yep...I would love to go to every cat show that comes here!
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